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Good reviews. Madame Xanadu never interested me, but good different review.

Mighty Avengers and New Avengers both don't interest me, still good reviews.

Terminator 2029, I think I'll get a trade of it at some point. Des, you didn't like Judgement Day?

Thunderbolts: Why the fuck was everyone so into pogs anyway? Looking back, they were shit, but I used to think they were awesome. Anyway, Thunderbolts is another book I don't care about.

Wonder Woman: Sounds not bad, but it won't be something I'll go out of my way to look at.

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What a bunch of cranky pants this week huh?

Not to complain but to understand the full ridiculosity of Mighty Avengers, one has to read the paragraph I'm assuming Mike removed due to spoilers.

Here it is:

Spoilers: robots get married. Hank Pym officiates. Ultron Pym, Pym’s son for lack of better terms, marries Jocasta Pym, who is maybe supposed to be some weird form of a child for Pym and the Wasp? So, this is not just robot marriage, this is robot incest. This is fucktarded.

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