Episode 54


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After three years, Kellen, Randy, and Steph finally finish the Sailor Moon retrospective Was My Childhood a Lie? with their review of the final season: Sailor Stars. Steph and Kellen each put in candidates for Rant of the Year, and the trio discusses why the series has never officially seen the light of day in North America. [ 1:32:05 || 42.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/animezingpodcast/episodes/animezing_054.mp3

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Great episode. I agree that the House episode was my favorite of Sailor Stars. If Funimation got the rights to Sailor Moon, I would probably watch it if they redubbed it all but I would do it cautiously. I agree that I love the original dub but if they could somehow keep some elements of it, it might be okay for me.

Oh, and the release of Haruhi is just another rerelease. Don't quite get it myself, but ehh.

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Can't comment on Sailor Stars, but with regards to the World Cup talk, I fall heavily on the side of Steph. You best wash your mouth out with soap before you deride my beloved football, Scrivens!! And I do like hockey, but if it doesn't involve the Flames winning, I'm not interested.

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