Multiple Accounts on a single Xbox.


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Recently I got the wife her own account on the 360, and to our surprise she was able to access most of the downloaded games I had gotten over the years. That is except for TMNT:Arcade. Does anyone know why this is? I kind of want to know so I'll know if I buy a game more for her to buy it under her account.

Thanks in advance!

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I tried re-downloading it. While I was waiting for it to do that I check the usage rights and it says that her account should be able to access it as a full game. I'm thinking it might just be because of the style. Once I started a game she joined in, and got achievements and all that fun stuff. It's just odd that she has achievements in something that's showing as a demo.

I'm just gonna call this one a fluke and hope it doesn't happen on future downloads.

Thanks for the help!

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