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Owing to living in Banff for 6 months, I adopted the Calgary Flames as my ice hockey team. Sadly, a combination of moving home and the season shut-out, I've not really kept up with them since then (and I hear I've missed nothing much). This season I want to step up my fandom to the point of keeping track with how their season's going, despite not having access to satellite channels that would show me games.

What are the best websites to follow for hockey?

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Share on other sites (Official League Website. Gets the job done.) (Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger are easily the two most connected hockey insiders anywhere, Ray Ferraro and Dave Hodge's blogs are both great reading.) (Hilarious Comedy Blog)

It's going to be a hard luck season for the Flames if opening night was any indication, but hey, I like the team too.

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