Comic Book Crossovers gone too far

The Kurgan

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As awesome as comic book crossovers are, sometimes they go a bit to far. For example, "Brightest Day Justice League: Generation Lost" And yes, that is all one title. Can anyone else think of a time a crossover went to far?

First off, Generation Lost has been awesome so far. Secondly, it's technically not a cross-over. That said, Star Trek/X-Men is a load of crap. One that later inspired an even worse novel where the X-Men met the Enterprise-D crew.

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Whilst I appreciate that these things do good business, I do object to a lot of the ancillary series that come along just to cash in. I think World War Hulk: X-men was the most reviled title in that vein around here, thanks to it's utter pointlessness. However, DC are far from off the hook as my review of the Blackest Night Lost Tales book in last week's Is It Wednesday Yet? segment demonstrated.

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Far enough. It was just a really long title. "Tiny Titans meets Archie and his Pals" was hilarious. P.S. Denial DTM, you had your chance to ready it before you sold it for a dollar. You hear that people? he sold it for a dollar! Canadian!

Okay in my defense I bought it in Orlando for 40 cents! (it was in a pack of 5 comics for $2) AMERICAN! lol BATFAN Let's take it outside! By the way have you gotten all the amalgam comics yet?

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