Episode 50


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Using The Doctor's head, a mad scientist attempts to resurrect a long-dead Time Lord ("The Brain of Morbius"). Then an evil millionaire conspires to steal a world-threatening alien plant ("The Seeds of Doom"). Dan and Mike also comment on the level of violence in recent stories, and by the end of the show Mike is also oddly prophetic (and embarrassed). [ 1:32:40 || 42.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_050.mp3

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I may be one of the few who watch the 2 parter of Sarah Jane all the way through, but besides the recon (holding back on that) they did a really cool thing at the end where they gave a follow up on all the companions. Sarah did a google search for "Tardis" and let us in on how the companions of our era are doing. Kind of a nice follow up. Only thing I have an issue is that the Ninth gave Micky a cd that would erase all mentions of him on the net... but there are several explanations on that. Mickey didn't use the disc, the companions kept yammering on about the doctor (I know I would chat about til they buried me).

Anywho, the last few minutes are worth checking out. The way she talkes about Harry really makes you feel she did care about him as both the character and the actor.

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