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Ok, so I have been in to these for some time. I have never bought one, but everytime I walk past any store that sells them, I spend at least 30 minutes in there. I have always said, when I have the disposable income I would get some.

I like a lot of the Warner Bros stuff for the old school in me, but always seem to spend most time looking at all the stuff from Batman: The Animated Series.

What experiences have you guys had with these things? What do you collect, what do you stay away from, what represents good value, etc.

PS. Feel free to move this if it isn't in the right spot.

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There's an Animation Art Gallery in London, which has a wide range of stuff, from Batman to Futurama (okay, so maybe that's not the widest of ranges) and everything inbetween. I love just looking around, but everything is so insanely expensive that I'd never buy anything, at least not from there. I'm sure I could nab a good deal off ebay if I looked hard enough.

I wish I could add more to this, but I haven't had many experiences with Animation cells even though they interest me greatly.

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