Episode 73


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I Think I'm Right, with Chris Comstock made its debut on the last episode of Animezing Podcast, and today you will get a look inside the man behind the segment. Find out his favorite shows, most hated trends in anime, and what kind of shows have grown on him. Also, Chris thinks he's right about fansubbing. [ 49:52 || 23.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/animezingpodcast/episodes/animezing_073.mp3

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Thinking about Shonen series (especially Jump), the need for Christmas episodes and all the raving about DBZ. I have to recomend Gintama as one you should both check out.

It's a gag/parody series that's hard to explain, it parodies a lot of old manga/anime and shonen jump along with Japanese culture and some western. It features a lot of parody of DBZ, Eva, Gundam and is just amazing.

If someone blended Scrubs, Samurais and Spaceships, you might get close to Gintama.

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Great episode. I liked most of Chris's points and the fact that I now know of some one else who has read the Haruhi novels in addition to the watching the anime. I've heard about all the people who take fan-subbing so seriously and yeah, it's kinda insane.

That all said, it might be neat to do an episode about Anime Abridging. You touched on it with the DBZ abridged talk and it might be cool to talk to about it.

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I was worried that people would hate me talking about random crap for over half an hour. I'm glad that's not the case~

I love some of the abridged series, and this will probably result in me proposing that we watch several of them, good or bad, and record our thoughts on them.

In regards to Gintama, it's not a series I've seen in local stores. I'mma poke Kellen with a virtual IM stick and see what he thinks.

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