Gleefully Macabre Episode 01


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Agreed. It was fun to listen to!

I would like to see the film just to see Jeff buy it. Uhmm...on a purely artistic level, of course.

My request for a future episode is your Stoker Awards acceptance speech, whether you win or not.

If you don't win, which I hope you do,

duck and run because I've rigged an explosive to take the whole place down.

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Thanks, everyone! I won't be recording my Stokers acceptance speech because a) I'm not going to win, and b) if I did I would just babble incoherently for a few seconds and then stumble off the stage. However, I AM the Master of Ceremonies this year, so I'll be recording my opening monologue and it'll be a Very Special Episode of the Gleefully Macabre podcast.


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