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Hannah, you rightfully slaughtered Secret Six for the piece of garbage that it is, but you still gave the book a flip through, even when you said the art was crap, and the writing was awful?

Bane decided to turn evil when in Hell he was told "Yeah, you're coming here no matter what repentance you do. You're sort of screwed." It was a giant and stupid shift for the character.

Also, I stand by my statement in the comic discussion thread, Simone writing that the love triangle ends with a fucking three way is the giant middle finger to anyone who reads this comic and gives a fuck about people being written like actual three dimensional characters who are not in some porn movie.

In conclusion, I agree with everything you said in your review, except for the final rating.

Daredevil: It does seem like a giant tone shift, but it's supposed to be quite good. I'll probably read Waid's DD run when it is collected in a massive omnibus in like five years.

Journey Into Mystery: Interesting review, I may have to check that issue out.

The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde #2: Your review did make it sound like that would read better as a trade. That cover does look like a bit like David Tennant's Doctor to me.

Superman: That issue did sound pretty crappy. You're right about this probably being DC trying to just get people to give a shit about Superman comics again with the reboot, along with other characters outside of Batman and Green Lantern families, who all seem to have become pretty damn stagnant recently.

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