Masters of the Universe, or Why My Childhood Was Batshit Insane


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Mattel was one of several toy companies which had turned down the opportunity to make toys based on George Lucas' Star Wars property in 1977, and then by 1981 found itself staring up out of a deep, dark hole as rival toy company Kenner turned that opportunity into a license to print money and hold weekly "money parties" where employees were invited to swim, Scrooge McDuck-style, in the gigantic pile of cash held within their gold bank vault. Mattel, which never seemed to get invited to these parties, spent several years trying and failing to come up with a toy line that could make any kind of a dent in the rabid action figure market Lucas' property had created. They weren't hurting for money, mind — Barbie had seen to that — but the lucrative boy's market eluded them.

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Guest TFG1Mike

Buzz-Off (an anthropomorphic bee, which wasn't a bad figure but had an inexcusably stupid name; he was called "Buzz-Off" because "Fuck-You" was already trademarked by Hasbro)


You think that's messed up check his Real Name in the Classics bio:


Also I'd love to talk with ya on MOTU stuff sometime Dan. I just got my 2012 Club Eternia Subscription for all the great figures they have coming next year.

Great work on the article as well... very fun read.

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Guest TFG1Mike

I was a fan of a lot of stuff in the 80's my top list would be:






Jem....... and yeah Dan did a great job summing up the history of the MOTU line. I still remember having a record of Masters songs.

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