Episode 01.03: Aenima


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How the hell do two guys talk about an album for almost twice its running length? By going on tangents and making references to Blur, Jungian theory, Scientology, and El Santo of course! Desmond and Damien also tell a cool story about a Monty Python record that neither of them can quite recall. Math is involved. No one told us there would be math... or Kathy Griffin for that matter. Join in on Schizophrenic Six Degrees of Separation! Oh yeah! They also refer to Tool's third release: Aenima. [ 1:46:30 || 51.4 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_001-03.mp3

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I think the rants fit. They are the interludes for the podcast much like on the album.

Not to sound like Mr Smart guy but I always understood Hooker With a Penis. The whole bands selling out is B.S. some bands have great moments some come undone..as long as a band makes good music ill be there for ever track.

Another great cast boys..

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