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iPod or Traditional CD/Radio  

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So I'm moving in to a place on my own. For the last 2-3 years I have always had someone else in the house with a stereo, so I have to buy myself something.

I was thinking ipod with docking station, as I have been meaning to get one for a while. But then I realised that I have been feeding the Playstation through his stereo lately. I can go back to sound through the TV, as I only play games like Madden, NBA, HCTP, so big sound doesn't matter as much.

Then there is DVD's, which I normally watch more tv series (seinfled, simpsons, family guy, etc) more so than movies, so sound shouldn't be an issue.

So, what would you guys do in my situation, and I am working on a minimal budget?

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you idiot :) if I turn the TV off, I won't get sound. The TV is my only instrument of sound in the place.

Yoda, it's more when you have people around and there is this stupid display on the tv for the cd player. And as for the radio part, I listen to it a bit on Weekends when reading the paper and doing housework.

I guess with all my bitching, I have to buy myself a stereo.

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