Episode 15


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Dave and Ian embark upon season three of Blake's 7. In "Aftermath," after battling an armada trying to invade the galaxy, the crew abandons a badly damaged Liberator, and Avon meets new allies and an old enemy. In "Powerplay," Avon finds the Liberator occupied by Federation troops. He and Dayna must find a murderer and retake the ship while Vila and Cally are cared for by people who aren't as benevolent as they appear. The boys from Britain also discuss new members of the crew, debate what is "The Web" of Star Trek, and which of the episodes discussed is an allegory for Britain's current government. [ 2:26:41 || 71.1 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/shakeandblake/episodes/shakeandblake_015.mp3

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$170 to get Paul Darrow to record something mad, oh that would be ace :D only downside is that i wouldn't be able to think of anything and i don't have $170 :D

nice long enjoyable podcast, though i haven't heard the last half hour yet as i had to bail, i'll just have to listen to it again from scratch today :)

Dana > Jenna btw easily my second favorite female character

ooo btw i did send an email after my last post in this section, obviously i sent it to the wrong place or it wasn't acceptable, but at least i tried (just in case you thought i didn't send one after i said i would)

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I've re-checked the earth-2.net inbox, just in case you sent it between our recording date and the airdate, but there's only been Terry's email hit the inbox so far this calender year.

NB) Just so everyone knows, Dave & I record the 1st Monday of the month so that Dave has plenty of time to edit the episode for the 2nd Monday. So there's a potential gap of a week where feedback has to be held back until the next month's episode.

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I'm afraid i must of sent it to the wrong place :( (being a muppet this should be of no surprise)

checked me email sent thingys and i sent it to feedback@earth-2.net i guess there is a shake and blake part or something, i get confused easily.

I promise i did try and send it :) maybe you can get gifted a ghostly 0.5 of an email of somin :D

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aha i did send it to the wrong place, doh, my apolagies :o it does go to show i didn't chose my username for no reason though :D

thanking you Mr Probert for the link, but i shall have to stand fast with my Earth2 brothers and valiantly stem the tide of emails that are threatening to devour our brave and noble Mr Ian *cue battle of britain music*

I have sent an email, so at least you have 1 next time. ok it's not a good one, but at least it's plus 1 for Earth2 :)

hmm maybe i should say i have attempted to send an email, there is no guarentee that even with it spelt out that i manage to put the right thing in :o

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