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I've been angling to make the move from the space program to full time colorist for the last several months and as of April 13th, I'll be making the switch! Can't tell you enough how excited and petrified I am all at the same time. LOL

I'll be kicking off the month of April with a variant cover of Supreme #63 with Cory Hamscher!


May will be an even bigger month for me! As Cory and I bring you another variant cover for Supreme #64


But it doesn't stop there! I'll also be celebrating the release of Youngblood #71 from Image Comics!!! Jon Malin will be providing the art, with yours truly on colors!



You can also catch me at Comicpalooza in Houston on May 25th - May 27th! I'll have plenty of prints for sale and, time permitting, some original artwork as well If you're in the area, I hope you'll stop by and say hello!!!

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Ha ha! After I'm done being a colorist, I think I'm going to be a super-secret spy. LOL

I work for what used to be the main contractor for space shuttle operations. We provided a lot of the hardware and training that the astronauts took with them on the shuttle and space station. I used to write the paperwork that directed the hardware processing for things like computers, communication equipment, batteries, and video equipment. With the shuttle program over, I now sit in a warehouse and help inventory and dispose of all the equipment that is no longer needed. It's not as glamorous as it used to be. :)

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