Night of Owls Batman crossover event


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Starting in April with Nightwing #8 and then in May with all the other Batman titles (except for Detective Comics and Batwoman) there will be a Crossover event call Night of Owls. Which if any of you are regularly reading Batman, has something to do with the Court of Owls. So far all I know about is through May but I'm not sure if it is continuing on to June. These are the following titles:

Nightwing #8 (April 18)

Batwing #9 (May 2)

Batgirl #9 (May 9)

Batman #9 (May 9)

Batman & Robin #9 (May 9)

Birds of Prey #9 (May 16)

Catwoman #9 (May 16)

Nightwing #9 (May 16)

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 (May 16)

All-Star Western #9 (May 23)

Batman: The Dark Knight #9 (May 23)

So far that's all and I'm not sure if it will continue past that. The only bad thing I can think of is that all the comics are being booted up to 3.99 for this event which sucks. And if you read Batman and don't feel like reading the other comics you don't need to. It's written so you don't have to go to the others, they are just one-shot stories all by themselves and you don't have to read them. Thoughts?

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It's been announced (admittedly, it was in mid-February, but I forgot to update) that Detective Comics #9 will be part of the Night of the Owls event.

And, and this I got from wikipedia, so it might not be too accurate, but it said that to finish out the Night of the Owls event, Batman is going to release it's first new Annual #1 in more than 50 years... which is kinda cool I guess... I don't know about anyone else, but I'm excited.

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