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listening to the talk about ghostlight. I think it might be a nice idea for the guys to do a special episode where they discuss doctor who fandom. Mabye after they catch up with the latest new series episodes in a year or so, or mabye just as a one off episode. All the different types of fans. good and bad. From the people who think the show died when tom Baker left, the Cartmel/new adventures fans, people who just like the clasic series, and the ones who just like the new series. what are fans effect on the show? It might be a interesting show.

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Although the 1990s were obviously a bad decade for the show itself, it was a very good one for fandom.

The lack of 'Doctor Who' on the telly seemed to give everyone space to become a bit more creative : loads of wonderful fanzines were written and some great conventions were organised. Quite a few people from fandom ultimately became professional writers and it's remarkable how many people from that period have ended up working on the 21st century version of the show in one capacity or another.

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