Chicago - April 2012


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Hello all.

Yours truly will be in Chicago from April the 23rd to the 29th for a week of CTA activity. There is potential for good publicity and I've been trying to contact Mike to ask about doing something for Earth-2, but without success. Mike, if you read this, please email me, or maybe someone can point him in my direction. Any others in and around Chicago, tell me what you're doing next week.

More later.

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I did consider a PM. It's called an email.

See the press release below for tomorrow's (Tuesday's) Chicago event.





(CHICAGO, April 2012)

Adham Fisher, of Leicester, England, and Nikki Huber, of Schaumburg, Illinois are

joining forces and boarding the CTA to cross promote Adham's attempt to re-capture his

Guinness World Record for riding the entire Chicago L system, and Nikki's mission of

showing how the community can affect the world in a positive way.

The noisivelvet organization is proud to welcome Adham Fisher to Chicago in his attempt to

recapture his Guinness World Record for the fastest travel time on the Chicago L System.

Joining Adham, and promoting her mission of showing how the community can affect the world

in a positive way, will be Miss Earth Illinois Nikki Huber, of Schaumburg.

L Riders will indeed be quite curious when they see Adham in a lush green jacket made of grass

and Nikki in a full gown, sash and tiara. Adham, Nikki, and a few members of noisivelvet will

greet morning, afternoon, and rush hour “L” riders and taking questions from curious riders.

In addition to promoting their causes and goals - they are joining together to help noisivelvet in

announcing “Alterpolitan: An Indoor Sculpture Garden” taking place on Thursday, May 3, 2012,

from 5:00pm until 8:00pm at 77 South Dearborn.

Alterpolitan: An Indoor Sculpture Garden is presented by:

Pop Up Art Loop,, garden by: Noisivelvet,,

Sculpture curated by: Susan Blackman of Art Advisory, LTD.,, and

Curatorial Director: Tristan J.M. Hummel,

The Chicago Loop Alliance, Noisivelvet and Art Advisory, Ltd., have created a massive indoor

sculpture garden at 77 S. Dearborn for your enjoyment. The space will be completely

transformed with wall to wall living greenery. The garden will be open between May 3rd and May

24th. On May 3rd we will be hosting a reception complete with complimentary beverages and a

chance to meet the great artists we have teamed up with.

Have your cameras ready to catch Adham & Nikki & please join us at our May 3rd event.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


More information and contact details available at

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Greetings from The Great CTA Goose Chase, ladies and gentlemen! Our beloved jockey, Mr. Fisher, is in the midst of his journey to break the record as I write, and is facing generally good conditions as he dilligently weaves his way through the train cars and bus cabs of the Windy City. His Herculean effort to make the most recent bus-to-train connection, however, has hit a snag and the game has got infinitely more interesting...stay tuned...

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Share on other sites you thought that was all, huh? Well, guess what, motherfuckers?! This story has legs, though they're nothing compared to the iron legs of Mr. Fisher, who has just run himself through every station in the CTA in the new record time of 9 hours, 6 minutes, and 48 seconds. The goose has been caught, plucked and feasted upon this proud day!!! :-) :-) :-)

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