Episode 513


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Nice segment. I'll have to get off my ass and read the first arc of Animal Man.

Regarding Lemire's run on Superboy, actually you only reviewed the first and last issues (on First Issue Special and the end of the Post-Crisis DCU segment, respectively) and the Superboy book you reviewed with Dan was by Geoff Johns, not Lemire. Lemire's Superboy run is the only thing I've read by him to date and recommend it despite being a somewhat disjointed series with plot points that weren't resolved thanks to the DC reboot. The entire eleven issue run is collected in a trade called Superboy: Smallville Attacks.

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I have more of these segments planned, including ones on Jason Aaron, Dan Slott, Brian Wood, Jonathan Hickman, Rick Remender, Scott Snyder, and Paul Cornell. Are there other writers y'all would like me to cover? (Just keep in mind, they should have become bigger names within the last five years or so.)

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