Initial D: The Movie

J Marv

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I've never heard of this comic (I realize it's Japanese); is it all about drifting?

Well not all, but yeah, mostly drifting and downhill racing. There's a plot summary on that webpage if you want to know more.

EDIT: I need to stop posting right after I get out of the shower. Anyway, yeah, it's about drifting, but in the same way Gundam is about big ass robots. It's there, but it's used to tell the story, and isn't really the story itself.

EDIT Redux: Here are some trailers for the anime, should you like to see more about the style in which the anime is done.

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I think this should be in the anime section because Initial D isn't a comic book series. It's a manga-based series. Eh, I guess it doesn't matter, though.

In any case, Initial D is godly. The animation annoys me a little sometimes, but that's no big deal. The main character, Takumi, a tofu delivery man, soups up an '86 Toyota and beats a guy with an orgasmically awesome car in an illegal street race. He loves it and decides to go with it as an underground cult sensation. That's how the story begins.

I'll be seeing this movie definitely whether it has English dialogue or not.

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