Episode 93


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Aliens fake an alien landing ("Aliens of London" / "World War Three"), and The Doctor's oldest foes return ("Dalek"). One of these stories is downright awful due to all of the ill-conceived and poorly executed humor, horrible costumes and dated computer imagery, and the damn farting! While the other story features a Dalek slaughtering hundreds of people just for the hell of it. Also, Tom Deja gives his thoughts about Rose, Dan explains why he's not too keen on Doctor Who getting so close to the real world, and Mike drinks a beer. [ 2:09:25 || 62.4 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/biggerontheinside/episodes/bigger_093.mp3

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I gotta take issue with Mike comparing the Doctor trying to kill the Dalek to someone coming into his house and breaking his stuff. Unless he has imprisoned a murderous alien in his basement and considers it property ala a 1850s cotton plantation I don't think that works too well.

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good podcast :) can't believe seem to already be half way through ecclescakes :o

I don't mind Rose, though can totally see why some find her annoying (personally the mighty Donna is my favorite new companion, maybe Rory could of topped her if he'd thrown a silence off the pyramid, but no, he was too busy with the whole end of the universe/marriage stuff. In fact anyone would of done, he could of lobbed River off for all i cared :D) Rose does give me a good lol moment, probably a bit random, but it's when she pops up with a massively oversized gun to stop some looters or something. If she were a bloke i'd say she was overcompensating or something, anyways never fails to amuse.

I've never seen a full episode of Buffy, nor have i seen the Avengers :o Will do though, but i guess i should probably get around to watching the Hulk and Iron man2 first (it takes me a while to get around to stuff)

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