Intermission 01: Nativity in Black


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This is not the best episode in the world; this is just an intermission. After talking about some recent punk rock releases and music-based video games, Desmond and Damien dive into the now classic 1994 Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity in Black. Hear them talk about the state of heavy metal at the time, drop hints on which of the bands are on Desmond's list of future Dropped D fodder, and discuss tribute album etiquette. Trivia time! Which member of the original Sabbath line-up does not appear on the record, but not for lack of trying? Just what does the Mustaine Signal encompass? You better flash it if Al Jourgensen is about to punch you and if you want Dave Mustaine and his taxi to drive up and save you! All this and an Internet first! You're welcome. Kick your almond habit and start listening! [ 1:37:01 || 47.0 MB ]

To listen, click here:

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Great job as usual guys. Instead of leaving feedback like every week I figured Id take to the forums. I'm glad you liked the Type O cover of Black Sabbath. But have you ever heard their cover of Paranoid. They managed to take a song thats only under 3 minutes long and stretch it out to an amazing 7:22. Enjoy! (If I managed to do the whole embeding thing right...)

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Whoa! There's an argument for the song being more difficult to play at 1/8th speed than normal. I like it except for the Iron Man breakdown. That's kind of cheap.

Welcome to the forums, by the way!

And Terry clearly has good taste!

While we're posting Type O Negative videos:

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Nice! Elephant Riders is probably my favorite. We'll get to them eventually.

Im only on album two. Elephant Riders is still a bit away. I'm tryn to listen to slowly to enjoy each album... great band. Aisha Tyler interviewed the singer on here podcast. I think you would like it Des.

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