Hit-Girl Mini-Series Questions


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Has anybody picked this up? On a whim I bought issue #1 as I enjoyed the first Kick-Ass Hardcover and film but I was told I need to read Kick-Ass 2 first to understand it. Is that really true? I mean this is supposed to be a prequel to Kick-Ass 2, right? I suppose it could be a Psycho IV/Godfather II sort of thing where the story time jumps. I don't have the $30 for Kick-Ass 2 right now (how is that, by the way?) so should I wait to read it until after the other or just go ahead? Last of all, if I do wait to read it should I keep buying the issues anyway so I have them when I'm ready? I was never able to find Kick-Ass 2 back issues when I was looking last year for them but when I was not I would find a large amount of say issue 4 and six but nothing else. That's a lot of questions, to be sure, but help is much appreciated.


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