Episode 22


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Ian and Dave begin the final leg of their Blake's 7 journey as they enter series four. In "Rescue," the crew are, well, rescued by the mysterious Dorian who has a lot of cool stuff that they would find really useful if only he would turn out to be insane and then drop dead. In "Power," the crew have to figure out how to help themselves to all of Dorian's cool stuff after he turned out to be insane and then dropped dead. Plus, they encounter a repurposed Doctor Who monster and a dancing judge, get introduced to a new regular character and then debate where the hell she vanishes to in her second episode. [ 2:18:37 || 67.0 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/shakeandblake/episodes/shakeandblake_022.mp3

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This winter, after a long while I finally decided to finish watching blakes 7 and relisten to the podcast along the way. I last sent feedback in on sarcophagus, but watched through to Rescue the first run. I really liked rescue, the concept of doing Picture of Dorian Grey, IN SPACE really appealed to me. I was hoping for other classics redone sci fi style.

Power was an episode i sort of enjoyed, until i thought on it and heard your comments. I thought they where going to have Pella join the crew, fill in the alien woman with brain powers role. Her and Villa worked well, her and Avon had sparks, and even though she was a cold bitch that fits with the crew. Right up until she shot Kate i figured she was a possible member. More personality than Soolin at least

During power you where asking about the difference between sesca and woman, and the difference I believe is that the Stockholm syndrome sesca is surgically removing the collars they wear. The collar has two prongs which would have gone into the spine. I think its the collars/diamonds that amp up the power they can exert, without them they are more or less baseline humans


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