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  1. I came across "The Rousters" recently when I was looking into Hoyt Axton. It was a real gem! Only 13 Episodes aparently. I cant track down the whole series but the pilot is on youtube. Sure its a gimmick crimefighter show like many have been, but this time the bounty hunters are the Earp Clan who run a carnival.
  2. I for one really want a manimal reboot. If no other reason than the stock footage in episode 3 which implied Chase was going to turn into a squirrel but didn't. I want to watch a squirrel fight. After the latest TABHAL I would also want Chase to fight crime as a llama.
  3. Turns out that Manimal is finally getting a region 1 DVD release. This November. Coincidence, I THINK NOT!
  4. I think ill watch crystal maze instead of Crime Traveller. Do you accept crystal maze feedback?
  5. I remember True Lies starting celebrity crushes in my 10 year old heart as well, for both mother and daughter. It's also one of the few movies where I always do the sympathy "oooof" where you wince and suck in your breath. Bitch-slapping with wedding ring gets me every time. Now to rewatch drive
  6. I have always enjoyed The Darwin Awards, a nice look at her as a mature actor.
  7. I truly feel my life has been enriched. To the year of Cheese!
  8. Can I suggest "Todd & the Book of Pure Evil", a show which ran for 26 episodes on the Canadian channel Space. It is akin to redoing BtVS but with stoned metal heads as your leads and The Middlemans sense of joy at the bizarreness abounding on screen. I know it has seen air the States and the UK, but I'm not sure how big it was.