Episode 126


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The Host Club befriends the heir of a mob family ("Mori-senpai Has an Apprentice Candidate!") who falls in love with Haruhi ("Tamaki's Unwitting Depression!"). We see the beginning of the Tamaki / Kyouya friendship ("And so Kyoya Met Him!"), and the Host Club faces dissolution ("The Host Club Declares Dissolution!") only to survive to see another day ("This is Our Ouran Fair!"). In addition, Kellen and Will discuss their overall feelings on the show, and get into a lengthy discussion about a certain NBC comedy. [ 1:52:20 || 54.1 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/animezingpodcast/episodes/animezing_126.mp3

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Ironically enough, a friend recommended/dared me to watch this show and said that this was the first anime that she ever saw and she loves it. I might still agree that unless you know the tropes of harem anime, you might not get the gags, but I think Ouran still has some intriguing stuff to invest a newbie to the anime world enough to watch.

I read about that the whole Host Club thing was a take on a much seedier real life thing, but not sure what exactly it is. Also, what in the series indicated that Haruhi may be into girls?

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There are a number of times that Haruhi seems to have a general disinterest in the oppisite sex and she is pretty at ease with romancing the ladies. Then again, it might be me reading too much into her character motivations like I do with Kyoya.

As for what a real Host or Hostess Club is, pretty much, you pay a young man or woman (18-mid-20s usually) to pour you drinks and you have conversation, get entertained, flirt, etc. Some allow for more... flirtatious encounters to occur. They even have unions.

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