Heaven Sent


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From Latino Review:

he (Guillermo Del Toro) does want to do his own version of the Avengers, just supernaturally. Called HEAVEN SENT he is combining all the magical beings from DC Comics in one epic adventure. Deadman, The Spectre, Swamp Thing, Constantine Hellblazer, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, and Sargon as well as Etrigan the Demon will team up to no doubt save us from the Stay Puft Marshmallow man. Now this one is a ways away, but Warner’s lawyers have been working every night trying to clear the rights to all these characters. I am excited.


Was Del Toro in on our Justice League Draft and I didn't notice?

edit- Maybe I should have made the title of this thread "Heaven Sent AKA Justice League Dark", just so people know what it is.

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I wonder if Justice League Dark was conceived as a comic because Guillermo del Toro pitched it as a movie. What I mean is, the comic was used to test the market, to see if readers would go for it. If they did, Warner Bros. would green-light the movie. If not, well, no movie. Since the comic has lasted more than a year and has a strong following, here we are.

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Del Toro gets attached to more movies in a year than any other director does in his career. This will never happen. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he's a geek who talks a lot.

He was signed to a thirteen (I think) movie deal by Universal some five years ago and he's made one movie since. Well, almost. It's not out yet.

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