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Here it is, the inevitable brony backlash.

Even though I have only watched the show I kind of agree with what you said about how the Cutie Mark Crusaders being obsessed with fitting in. There was one episode where they go into a forest hoping to get their cutie marks in catching runaway chickens. I thought it was ridiculous that it had to be about cutie marks because I could see kids going into a forest after a runaway chicken not to be a grown up but for the adventure and maybe the risk of doing something they know they shouldn't.

By all means gripe away. One episode in season two "Mare do well" generates two responses. In the episode, five of the mane six outdo their show off friend by wearing a cape and cow. While most like it because of all the references to Batman T.A.S. many were upset. They took the action of the five as a message telling young girls that revenge is okay. I feel that the writers have taken peoples critiques and fixed it in the latest episode "One bad seed" where the CMC are bullied. They try to set up a trap for her, only to find out that the bully was a victim of bullying herself. They end up putting themselves in the trap. The bully is moves by their compassion and becomes their friend. Maybe the comic may catch on.

When you mentioned tramp stamps, were you making a reference to youtuber Blunty 3000 joking about how cutie marks urge young girls to get tatoos on their rumps? I can understand why you would be frustrated when you saw the little girl putting on makeup like an expert. In college I saw a museum curator arguing with a little girl on a field trip over what was healthy hair. The little girl argued that long sraight hair was healthy hair. The curator argued that natural hair was healthy hair. Even though the argument ended in a stalemate, I admired how the curator never raised his voice. In fact he commended the little girl for not giving up easily. I applied that in a past job as a recess supervisor. When a student was showing off her beauty pageant medal I congratulated her even though I was grinding my teeth for the rest of the day.

I am curious how would Mike react to that situation.

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Hey Mike (yes, this is how far behind I am).

Love this segment as always, but you mentioned that the Prophet book is like nothing else that's out there. I would recommend you pick up a random issue of Heavy Metal magazine and you're likely to stumble across something that looks and feels very much like that. I feel like a lot of "hip" new indie comics are cribbing a lot from Euro comics like those found in Heavy Metal in an inferior way. Just my two cents.

Do these more often! The longer I read, the less I'm reading of the big two, and this can help me find more stuff.

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There was a very European sensibility about the modern Prophet comic, and even though I didn't get a lot of it, I did like it. So I'll make sure to give Heavy Metal a look.

I already have the next one (possibly two) Indie Spotlights planned, so these will keep going. Thanks, Des!

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