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It's not like either of those things are unreasonable, but it's enough that the argument of "PS4 is better because of no paid online fees and zero restrictions on used games" is technically incorrect. PS4 is still leagues ahead of the Xbox in terms of how they're handling things overall.

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As long as Sony fixed their shitty online, I'm fine with them charging for it. The problem was that you got what you paid for with it on PS3.

They specifically said no new restrictions on used games. If publishers want to be dicks, they can take the backlash.

That is exactly Microsoft's strategy and they are getting shit for it.

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Sony is saying it's up to the publishers to do whatever they've tried to do this last generation with online passes and such, but discs are freely loanable and resellable without restriction.

Microsoft is saying it's up to the publishers to completely lock out the resale of their games with technology that Microsoft's own servers will support. Also, you can't loan a friend a game unless he's been your friend for 30 days. That's not a publisher restriction. That's all discs. And you can only do it once.

Saying "it's up to the publishers" is over-simplifying it.

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Has anyone bought one of these? I'm considering it, but I'm not sure what the titles are that make it worth it. Plus it will mean I will upgrade my TV as well, which I have nill interest in doing.

Does that mean you're not using an HDTV? If so then upgrading to HD is a way bigger deal than upgrading to a PS4, given the lack of new must-have titles on it thus far.

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