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(I looked to see if there was already a thread but didn't see one.)

I got into a sneak preview of this last night. I really wasn't impressed. It took itself entirely seriously and added a ton of torture porn elements. The original wasn't fantastic (the sequels are really the only reason anyone remembers it), but I really didn't enjoy this.

Any time something terrible wasn't happening to someone, the script was godawful.

"Are you the doctor?"

"Excuse me. I'm a registered nurse." No one talks like that.

"Are you saying... my sister OD'd?"

"Dude... legally... she fuckin' died." Glasses come off! You know he's serious!

The acting (with the exceedingly mild exception of the actress from Suburgatory) was atrocious. The main character was a black hole of charisma, the blandest fucking douchetwat I've seen in a movie in years. I literally said out loud, "I really hope this guy gets eaten so we can go home."

The biggest issue wasn't the movie's fault; after The Cabin in the Woods (which, yes, took off on horror movies in general, but really zeroed in on the Evil Dead franchise), it is absolutely impossible to take a movie like this even remotely seriously.

I'm so glad I didn't pay to see this.

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