The assault on video games


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If you think Missile Command, Space Invaders, Farmville and Sonic the Hedgehog promote "right wing" themes, you are either completely hysterical or so far up your own nose you are drowning in your own arrogance.

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This isn't an assault on gaming specifically, but a violation of the First Amendment nonetheless.

On 3/15/2018 at 10:28 AM, S-T said:

A few miles west in Cobb County, Georgia, code enforcers actually cited the popular gaming vlogger Justin Chandler for earning a living as a "professional YouTuber." With the nom du jeu "KOSDFF," Chandler currently has over a million subscribers to his channel. But by uploading gaming videos and making money from content produced at home, the county claimed he was operating an unlicensed residential business. His income doesn't even involve seeing clients at his house, but to avoid further legal trouble, he handed over $470 for a license.

I still don't know how to put text in "quote" tags with the updated forum software, so I am not actually quoting my own post above. I just don't know how else to do it.

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Of course.

I've been playing video games for 35 years, dating back to the old Atari 2600. I can separate video games from reality. Most humans can.

In other news, I have figured out how to blockquote again.

Which is the same method as in 2004. I'm a little slow sometimes. 😂

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Violent crime has fallen dramatically since the mid 1990's, while violent video games have gotten more common and graphics have allowed more detailed depictions of killings. The trend lines have gone in the opposite direction.

In the year 1993, we had a population of 257,782,608 people. There were 24,526 murders, 106,014 forcible rapes and 659,870 robberies.

In the year 2017, we had a population of 325,719,178 people. There were 17,284 murders, 99,856 forcible rapes and 319,356 robberies.

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17 hours ago, Donomark said:

Thanks for sharing the info

I had forgotten that I had posted the same thing on the previous page of this thread, in March 2018.

The numbers don't match, which is strange. I got the stats from the FBI website both times, so I don't know why it would be different 17 months later. Maybe they made a mistake before and corrected it?

Anyway, point stands: We're safer now than we have been in generations. Video games are not causing a massive uptick in violent crime - or any uptick at all.

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According to FBI statistics, violent crime has dropped dramatically since the early 1990's.

Given that we have a much larger population now than we did then, the crime rate has dropped even more.

All this as violent video games have become more popular.

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