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Place: Neutral City

Conditions: Night, Light Drizzle. Blade has his sword. Buffy has her bag of tricks and a battle ax.

Let's say Buffy is on the trail of a vampire serial killer, and believes Blade is the perp. She springs into action and it's on.

Is Buffy gone, or is Blade a pile of dust?

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Buffy is no slouch with weapons, though. She always has the odds stacked againist her. SHE KILLED A GOD, for crying out loud. Blade is just another vamp. Hasta La Dusta.

Blade has been training for this since he was a child. Buffy has but a few years worth of training. Admittedly I'm not up on Buffy continuity, but no matter how good she is with weapons, Blade is that much better.

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It goes like this: Blade take a long hard, lustful look at Buffy, which allows her to get one attack in -- but it isn't lethal. Blade then counters by slicing her head off with his sword. The end.

That made me laugh out loud, as it's known. :lol:

If it was the first meeting and Buffy didn't get the opportunity to run away and regroup, then Blade. If she does, Blade would have quite a fight on his hands, which I doubt he'd be able to overcome.

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A song from the Blade II Soundtrack is playing on TV. So I guess it means he's picking up the win.

I seriously don't buy Buffy as being able to kick any ass what-so-ever. She is about 5 something tall and has no muscle on her at all. Blade would probaly finish her while she's making some wise ass, "funny" comment.

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