Episode 05.03: The Downward Spiral


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If you think this is going to be a good episode of Dropped D, then you might not be wrong. Come musician with us as we discuss Nine Inch Nails' second official full-length release: The Downward Spiral. But, be warned: there is math involved. Also, there's some valuable dating advice, the topic of one of the lost episodes of Dropped D is leaked, white guy rap returns, Desmond has a lot of second-favorite songs on this album, Damien does some shady Google searching, and Desmond is all about making weird noises. All this and much, much more! [ 1:29:23 || 43.1 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_005-03.mp3

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When I was in high school I, we'll loosely say, dated this girl I knew was a little off, but she was into me, so I went for it. One day we're at her place, she's sitting in my lap, we're making out, and "Closer" comes on the radio. She runs to it, all the while saying, "Oh my god, this is my favorite song!" She turns the volume up, runs back to my lap, and starts making out with me again. A moment later she BITES ME ON THE FACE! Not a nip. A full on bite.

In response, I shove her off my lap and to the floor. She looks up, and, without missing a beat, asks me to her bedroom while rubbing herself you-can-guess-where. This could have been the first time I had ever gotten laid, and I'm sure it would have been wild fucking sex, but I had the right sense to say, "You're fucking crazy," before walking out.

From that moment on, it was one thing to date women who like "Closer," but it was another to date women who LOVE~! "Closer."

So yes, children, do heed Uncle Damien's dating advice.

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