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  2. John Wick: A well-paced revenge tale that hits all of the simplest, but most effective beats, building to its climax as the title character topples increasingly larger dominoes in his way. Enjoyed. John Wick 2: Mystery is boring - let's EXPLAIN things. It feels like that's most of what this movie is, explaining things, then explaining them again, then showing you the thing it just explained in case you somehow missed it because we need a franchise, goddammit. Ruby Rose has nothing to do but tries her best. Ups the gun fetishism while making the fights feel like more of the same. You are also now asked to buy in to the premise that 75% of the world's population is apparently part of the assassin's club. Like, there are so many of them and they kill so many people in public that you wonder why they even bother being secret. Thinking about this movie now with the context of 3 makes more sense, but still doesn't do enough to justify its runtime. It exists to be the bridge between two better movies. John Wick 3: I liked this movie quite a bit but this did not need to be two and a half hours. A good editor could have killed 45 minutes of this thing. I guess that's just going to be a standard in the post-MCU world. You could have cut out an entire sequence (and its featured actress) and not missed much of anything. Asia Kate Dillon is a magnetic presence and adds a lot to the film by doing very little. The first fight scene alone is better than all of John Wick 2 combined, relying more on creative choreography than video game corridor shooting. Eventually the movie loses its way and goes back to that and the contrast is staggering. Every punch and kick has 5 times the impact of a shotgun blast in the same film but it seems to be significantly more interested in the latter. My main takeaway is that Keanu Reeves is content to make John Wick movies for the rest of his life, and he deserves to be happy, so there's that at least.
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    Episode 612

    Let's get weird! First up, Tom joins Desmond to discuss Russia's answer to the Marvel movies: Guardians. Then Rich the Monster Movie Kid continues Martian Mondays to take a look at John Carpenter's greatest failure: Ghosts of Mars. And, of course, there are tunes: "Guardians" by Halloween, "Mother Russia" by Iron Maiden, "Mars Need Women" by Rob Zombie, and "Russian Sleep Experiment" by Broken Hope. [ 1:08:30 || 33.1 MB ]
  5. Watched the final episode last night. While it was overall a good episode (and an entertaining show on the whole), the very last line ruined the finale entirely for me. Talk about 180'ing any character growth your main character developed. And what she wants to do is stupid on every conceivable level.
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  7. Tomorrow will be 20 years since The Phantom Menace was released. It blows my mind it has been that long.
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    Great to see you writing again @James D.
  9. Got partway through Raiders of the Lost Ark last night before I got sleepy and had to go to bed. (I'm an old man. Get off my lawn.) Wow, this movie is violent for only being PG. One guy takes a bullet in the forehead and we see the blood pouring out. Human memory is imperfect, but I was sure the one guy fell over and died after having all those spiders on him. Then again, that might be my arachnophobia coloring my memory. Films watched: 14 and 1/2
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    Random wrestling thoughts

    Ashley Massaro has passed away. She was only 39.
  11. John Wick Chapter 3: PARABELLUM: A great time at the movies. The action sequences in the first and third acts are wild and brutal, and this time out the film has more fun with itself. There's more gleeful humor in the action that just adds to the badassery. And I found all of the world-building expansion in this film more interesting than in 2. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  12. Star Wars Episode VII: I am still unimpressed with Kylo Ren, but I do appreciate him a bit more now. Films watched: 14
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    Saw 9

    Saw 8 was an amazing theater experience. Everyone was laughing in derision. On opening night. Probably 30 people in the theater, laughing at how bad it was. It may be interesting to see where Rock takes it. They’ve written themselves into so many corners that a reboot is the only way to continue it without it getting even worse.
  14. Late to the party here, but I am SCREAMING about this trailer.
  15. Split: My take on M. Night: I feel like he works best when he has a relative microbudget, maybe four locations and maybe two Names in his movies, because then he can actually get creative. Because this movie? Rocks. The Visit? Rocks. Everything I've heard about Glass says it's dogshit, and, well, the rest of his career speaks for itself. Films Watched: 25
  16. No way he can do worse. And this franchise has desperately needed a reboot forever now.
  17. I have a feeling this is going to be akin to Heath Ledger being announced as the Joker. The news attracts scorn from those unaware that the guy can act.
  18. Justice League vs. The Fatal Five: 100% an extended JLU episode, about as enjoyable as any given season 2+ ep. There's scant language and some bloody violence they couldn't really skate by in the old show, but otherwise it's JLU like it's never left. Very much enjoyed it. The three new young characters are all solid with really strong characterization, although Ms. Martian is the least integral compared to Jessica Cruz and Starboy. And the continuity is pretty fascinating to eagle-eyed DCAU fans. Various references and off-handed mentions will have you guessing as to what's gone on in between the end of JLU and this film (the DCAU history of the GL Corps, the whereabouts of Hawkgirl). Harley and Ivy even pop up for a cameo, having me wonder when this takes place in conjunction with Batman and Harley. But this was one of those things where it was just simply nice to see everyone again. Sure, Newburn, Eisenberg and Conroy have voiced the Trinity before, but this is strictly in the DCAU continuity, and seamlessly at that. The music was the same, the storytelling was the same, and the action scenes were solid. Again, a nice, one-off JLU episode that keeps me wanting more from the show.
  19. The X-Files Case Files Hoot Goes There #1: fucking solid. Weapon H #5: Marvel's most consistent new character. From the Weapon X run and this series, this is great. X-Men Gold #32: not the best X-Men Red #6: same as above A Walk Through Hell #3: not bad, but not as good as the previous issues. I'm out. Bedtime Games #2: not bad at all. Buffy De Mentia/Mara Celtic Shamaness/Yuppies Rednecks and Lesbian Bitches from Mars/Naughty Knotty: all Eros graphic novels. The Naughty Knotty is by far the best as a collection of Wally Wood's sleazy strips. Good shit. Comics: 111 Trades: 10 Graphic Novels: 6 Omnibus: 3
  20. Chris Rock is now rebooting Saw because sure, why the fuck not?
  21. Black Sheep: this is a much better film than Tommy Boy. It's more stereotypical, but that works for it. Farley is at his peak here. Spade is not super-annoying. Gary BUsey is in it. Features: 39 Shorts: 15 Documentaries: 5 Rewatches: 4
  22. Best episode of the past two seasons, easily.
  23. Burning: Starring Yoo Ah-in, Jeon Jong-seo and Steven Yuen. Based on a short story from Haruki Murakami's book "The Elephant Vanishes", this film watched as a much better representation of the man's writing than the movie adaptation of "Norwegian Wood". It was a million percent a Murakami story, even if the director was only loosely adapting the main beats of "Barn Burning". At two and a half hours, it's a helluva slow burn, but the hypnosis of following only three characters locked me in before long. I was never bored, never restless, and by the third act on the edge of my seat. This won't be for everyone, and I can see people crossing their arms and nope-ing the crap out of the movie for its inexorable pace, ambiguity, and eye-raising presentation of it's chief female character. But I'm such a Murakami fan, this rang so true for me that I loved it.
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    James Deaux resurrects the written version of The Tranquil Tirades for a review of Jigsaw. Oh god.
  25. David kinda pays off next film but his death is absolutely integral to 6. If this was all we got I'd resent him more but it's clearly a part of Kirks long term shift from Klingon adversary to Klingon racist. Which is positive because it's resolved properly. To my mind whilst you called this a trilogy 6 is just as much a part of it all, calling back to those moments as well as the Excelsior. I wonder if knowing how the promotions and commands played out later they would have been better off putting Sulu on the Reliant over Chekov. He was definitely there in Space Seed and allows that growth to the point where hes the Captain of Excelsior in 6.
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