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  2. Lakeview Terrace: Very entertaining for 2/3rds of the film, with Sam Jackson carrying the whole thing with his beady eyes, but the politics of having the black LA cop being the racist one terrorizing an interracial couple because they're interracial is...there's no getting around that. It feels like a blaxploitation throwback, but there's no irony or awareness in how not cool that set up is. And it's a shame because the acting really does make it watchable. Mortal Kombat (1995): A classic, still and always.
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  4. Again, not a lot going on there but please add it to BWP also.
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  6. Yeah, I definitely wish I hadn't just re-upped with them, myself.
  7. Ok, perfect. I mention it in the intro of 666 as well.
  8. Outbreak: This is probably not the best movie to watch during a global pandemic. Very good, nonetheless. The premise is “let’s all act as stupid as possible to spread the disease as wide as possible.” Lots and lots of jumping to conclusions and a one-in-a-billion shot leads to the resolution. Too convenient. I recommend anyway... After the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Films Watched: 20
  9. That's a shame about Spectacular, 'cause that is easily the best Spidey cartoon I've seen.
  10. Nah, it won't remove 665. That won't happen until 666 is posted on Monday.
  11. It honestly just hit the right combination of things. At that point, Disney was still a year off from buying Marvel. A handful of different studios owned stuff (conincidentally, Disney had some distribution rights to a few of those at the time). That said, looking at the larger catalog, there's still some stuff we're unlikely to see on Disney+ anytime soon namely the 67 Fantastic Four series (Hanna-Barbera still owns that), The Spectacular Spider-Man (Sony produced it), or The Marvel Super Hero Show (because the animation on those is ROUGH and who even has nostalgia for them?).
  12. I doubt it will do much good adding it to the Big Damn Heroes feed since that things been dead for a few years now but go ahead. Everything about this blows chunks. GoDaddy is terrible as is but this just makes me hate them a bit more.
  13. I'm listening to Episode 32 of WFP, and @James D. and @The Master are discussing DVD sets for the 90's Marvel cartoons and how the obstacles to releasing seem insurmountable. With Disney Plus it has all worked out well. I've got a big backlog of TV shows to watch. Plus Netflix and so forth, so I'm basically never going to catch up. It's a good problem to have.
  14. Please toss it into the DM feed as well. Wait...unless it removes episode 665. In that case, I'd prefer a couple more days of the ep online for those who do not download podcasts everyday.
  15. Good. I've been with GoDaddy since 2006 or 2007 and I'm considering moving to BlueHost over this.
  16. Size wise, that's a good call: 6'4" and a solid 400 pounds. Also, Kingpin.
  17. Add it to Tranquil Tirades, too. Anything I can do to help, just ask.
  18. Thank you, everybody, for your kind words of support and immense patience. An audio update has been posted in the The Show, Bigger on the Inside, The Edge of Forever, and 12 Minutes to midnight RSS / iTunes feeds. ( Basically, all of the RSS feeds of the shows I co-host. If you would like me to post it in your feed as well, I will gladly do so. (I didn't want to presume to add content / updates to your streams without permission.)
  19. You say that - I had to Google to find out what Will was talking about. It's not on his Wikipedia and he wasn't charged by police. I fully acknowledge that I don't have my finger on the pulse of Hollywood scandals and things going viral, but it's the children who are wrong.
  20. This is so awful. I'm sorry that you're dealing with such asinine corporate behavior.
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