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  1. I dont think they ever formally announced it, but with the Mentalist going to be revealing who Red John is, I got the sense that this was the final season.
  2. So when they say another "crossover" is planned with Winter Soldier, you wont have faith?
  3. He also wrote on the last season of Angel and was on the writing team for a couple of seasons on Lost.
  4. Smith and Affleck are friends, what's he going to say? That looks like shit? I always thought the armor made sense since he was getting shot at every night.
  5. This is going to be a huge movie for DC whether it fails or succeeds, it is possibly going to setup Superman 3, the new Bat franchise, and maybe a Wonder Woman or Justice League movie. If I was casting the pineapple express 2, this guy would be perfect. As Dick Grayson? Color me skeptical.
  6. Someone named Adam Driver is apparently allegedly supposedly testing for the role Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing for the Batman.Superman movie. No idea who he is, but in the pic in the link he looks like a major pothead.
  7. Jaime Alexander admitted to talking to DC about the role. So how would she be out of the running?
  8. Fox wants another Wolverine movie.
  9. I have no desire to see the movie. huh, guess I'll wait til cable.
  10. I get that feeling as well, they put Jackman all over the trailer because he's the biggest star.
  11. Is that Apocalypse's temple in the beginning?
  12. Sleepy Hollow is good fun. Hero is likable, good chemistry with the female lead, show doesnt take itself seriously.
  13. Why are there better fight scenes on CW's Arrow? I don't get it. Coulson throwing a punch looked so bad.
  14. Pretty interesting ep tonight. I wonder where they go from here.
  15. I like Melinda May, unfortunately that is the only character I like.
  16. I agree with all the criticism, and I'm one of Whedon's bigger critics, but it was the pilot and a lot can change from the pilot to episodes 2 and 3. Hopefully after they filmed the pilot they realized they needed to tone Skye down and give more personality to NotAngel.
  17. Sounds interesting, but is Grimm on NBC like that? I have no idea, never seen Grimm outside of previews.
  18. DC's most prized property will be on Fox. So strange, anyway this could be really a great idea and they specifically stated Batman won't be in it so no reason to get your hopes up.
  19. I agree it was solid. There were some problems with it and the end didn't work for me, but its a pilot so you cant judge it too heavily.