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  1. I am liking this as well. It is a fun read and is nicely written.
  2. I am thinking that its the fact that no Halo or GTA make it have a kiddy image. They lose money from not having them as well as look like a kiddie system.
  3. I buy them but mostly because I like reading them more then I use them for the game.
  4. Is PR still running??? Also, why did they constantly replace the rangers with new ones? Getting old? Ratings? Also, its suprising none of the Rangers ever became stars in anything else.
  5. Can you explain this? I remember putting in the code and never knowing what it does.
  6. The orignal PS1 was unbeatable in terms of the fun you had playing it or the first time. The second one sucked and then the Movie ones haven't been too shabby. Still, The spiderman oringal rules.
  7. Well I had the original streetfighter (not as good as II) and Alpha I have on PS1 so I will be getting this. Hope its at my local KMART.
  8. Very Very cool. Damn, you getting presents on my birthday, thats just not right.
  9. There is no emoticon to express my happyness. Oh wait, there it is:
  10. Jones. He can use his seduction skills and rape the bitch.
  11. Spiderman would rip his head off. Daredevil has 4 senses while Spidey has 6. Hmm.
  12. Luigi. He is bigger and as history dictates, a big italian plummer likely in the mob can simply shoot the fuck out of whatever tails is.
  13. Yes I do. They just made toys more appealing to me back in the day.