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  1. That whole event was awful. It started fine, but from the Universal Title match on, it went to crazy town. What a disaster.
  2. NXT guys love Spider-Man and Venom
  3. It’s been subtly hinted at, but:
  4. Okay. I know I’m all pissed off about Crown Jewel, but I finally caught this weeks’ NXT and I gotta give it props.
  5. Well, my son crapped his pants when he saw that.
  6. God, it just kills me to see The Revival and AoP just floundering on the main roster. And Sanity. And Almas. And Roode. And Asuka. And Ember. And Shinsuke.
  7. Then watch Ricochet vs Dunne vs Cole from October 10th.
  8. No but, NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4. Ricochet vs Adam Cole. Look it up.
  9. If you hear the sound of black helicopters coming at you from Stamford, CT, get to the basement.
  10. John Cena and Daniel Bryan are both “refusing” to work Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. (Allegedly.)
  11. Slightly related, since the steroid trial, has there been a worse month to be be Vince? (Like, The Benoit Thing is close, but Jesus.)
  12. Its set. But I see a screwy finish leaving the title vacant. Especially if WWE skips Saudi Arabia for obvious reasons.
  13. Realistically, I expect a big Braun win or a screwy finish that ends up in a Survivor Series tournament, (oddly enough on the ten year anniversary of the same thing happening at Survivor Series ‘98.). In the case of the tourney, I see Balor or McIntyre taking it. (Maybe, MAYBE heel Lashley.) But I honestly hope they put the belt on Braun and keep him face.
  14. I do appreciate what WWE is doing in the wake, here. This is a massive hole to fill. They lost the top babyface. So, turning Strowman face again? Smart. Building McIntyre as a monster heel? Smart. Turning Elias face on Corbin? Brilliant move. Giving Balor a massive win over Bobby Lashley? Brilliant Turning Ambrose on Rollins? Yeah. It seems soon, but in doing so, they’ve created a mega-babyface that could have a great match vs a mega heel. RAW is out Reigns, Owens and Lesnar. Which is a big chunk of their main event. Whether they put the belt on Braun or set something up for Survivor Series, this is all really smart booking.
  15. It worked, didn’t it? In all seriousness, I’ve never been Roman’s biggest fan but I wouldn’t wish this on the worst guy in the world. Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery.
  16. Ciampa, Gargano, Aleister Black, Ricochet, Moustache Mountain, Velveteen Dream, I’m leaving people off. The entire roster is really, really good.
  17. I mean, look at what he has done in NXT, (through no small help from Regal, Albert and *checks notes*... Scotty 2 Hotty? Really?). But without the nostalgia reigning him in, he makes a great product. Hell, look at everyone floundering in the main roster? Owens, Balor, Shinsuke, Joe, Zayn? They were all used better in NXT.
  18. The worst part is that Hunter really has a great eye for talent. He doesn’t have Vince’s big man fetish. He’ll push guys like Kevin Owens and Ciampa and Gargano. But when oil money murderers want HBK and Lesnar, it’s hard to say no to 45 Millions bucks.
  19. I’m getting really sick of the Undertaker. In the main event of Smackdown 1000, he took five minutes to walk to the damn ring, said one sentence and then took another five minutes to walk up the ramp. This was the goddamn main event. This ended the show. Earlier in the night, Rusev and the Miz, two guys that show up and wrestle week in and week out, were given under a minute for their match.
  20. I love Fillion. A lot. But trying to pass him off as a forty year old in yet ANOTHER police procedural doesn’t pique my interest.
  21. I can’t tell if you guys are intentionally making innuendos or not and it is KILLING ME.
  22. Molly

    Weird Dreams

    Radar would be a fantastic Spike Dudley style babyface.
  23. That’s definitely implied with the moments like him stopping the train and kissing MJ upside down in the rain.