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I thought there was thread on "V" already but couldn't find it.

ABC has given a pilot order to a new take on the 1980s miniseries "V," which was about an alien invasion.

Written by "The 4400" co-creator/executive producer Scott Peters, the new "V" will center on a female Homeland Security agent.

Peters is executive producing the pilot with HDFilms principal Jason Hall.


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Morena Baccarin (Serenity, "Firefly") will play a lead in ABC's "V," says The Hollywood Reporter.

"V," from WBTV, is a re-imagining of the 1980s miniseries about an invasion of aliens known as Visitors and the resistance against them.

Baccarin will play Anna, the leader of the Visitors who is remarkably knowledgeable about human culture and media manipulation.


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The first episode was really underwhelming, just a rehash of the first mini-series that speed through all the major set-up in the blink of an eye, so there was no suspense or haracter development worth a damn. Second episode was a tad better. I'll probably keep it in Tivo for a rainy day.

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