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    I was addicted to Blue, very very addicted. In my opinion, the first Pokemon games are two of the best games of all time in terms of addictiveness, and having created such a huge and immersive world on a mere Gameboy. I didn't enjoy Silver/Gold as much, maybe it was the fact that the game had lost some of it's innocence and become more of a simple marketing exersise, with the inclusion of 100 square more Pokemon and a new world. Still, facing off against Ash/Red at the very end of Gold/Silver was a severe markout moment. Maybe not as much as capturing Mewtwo, but still.
  2. Damn this series was cool, but far too short lived. I prefered it to Batman: The Animated Series, and I think it could and should've ran a lot longer. This is all.
  3. Superman: Exile For me, Superman RULED throughout the early '90's, and it's a real shame that nowerdays the comic is so unashamedly shite. For those without the knowledge, Exile takes place right after a story where Superman literally executed three Kryptonians from another dimension after, in that other dimension, the three committed mass genocide on planet Earth. Feeling guilty, Superman decided to leave his (unharmed) Earth and set out for the stars with the help of a distance transporter and oxygen machine. Basically, this long story was the genesis of various characters and stories including Mongul and the Eradicater. As well as being morally interesting and character developing, it was drawn well and extremely well written.
  4. You know, for all the apathy that Majora's Mask recieved from some people, it still holds the greatest Zelda tool ever: The Bunny Hood! Never again shall you walk slowly, oh ever-so slowly through the endless fields. You shall run through them like greased motherfucking lightening.