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  1. I read the collected first year the other day and liked it, but didn't love it. I understand that it's more about characterisation than mythology, but for me there wasn't enough explanation for what the hell had actually happened. Like, where the zombies actually came from. The concept of an open-ended zombie film is pretty awesome, though, and I expect that more will be revealed as the series continues. The art's pretty great too.
  2. Christ, this brought back some memories. I've still got the first MK movie on tape somewhere, and it's actually great. Annhilation is one of the worst things I've ever experienced in life, ever. Killing Cage so early on was pathetic. Yeah, he's supposed to die at the END of the MK2 game, and had they filmed that with a molecule of effort, it could have been a great 'sacrifice' type ending to the film. The biggest rape imho, though was the lack of Christopher Lambert. And then the new guy gets a short haircut. I do like Brian Thomson (Shao Khan), though, because of The X-Files.
  3. Really enjoyed reading this throughout. There's quite a lot of films on that list that I haven't seen yet, I've gotta get around to it. The only thing I disagree with was the idea that King is embedded further into pop culture than Conan-Doyle, basically because of Holmes.
  4. Y'know, there's a high chance that this movie might be awful, but just the very mention of the Silver Surfer means I'm going to have to go and see it.
  5. I love the version from Dark Victory. It's annoying that I can't find any pictures of him from it, yet.
  6. It's a shame that the character was killed off. I loved the way he was used during Reign of the Supermen.
  7. Dragonball Z in a nutshell. Very funny.
  8. The last DVD I picked up was Blade Runner: The Directors cut for £5. I've got the original on VHS, but I don't have a tape player anymore.
  9. Generally shitloads of Sega franchises. Firstly, Shenmue. Then I'd like; NiGHTS Power Stone Jet Set Radio Streets of Rage Fighters Megamix Golden Axe Sega Rally RiStar Eternal Champions And that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  10. Luke

    Holy Terror, Batman!

    The picture's down for me, is there any other link?
  11. Okay, fictional scenario ahead..... It's your job to create a team of superheroes from ANY comic universe for a one-off series where the team are facing a powerful intergalactic enemy. Rather than creating a team that'd work well together, it's your job to pick the heroes who'd be most interesting to read as a team. So, while a team of Superman, Captain America, The Martian Manhunter, The Silver Surfer, and The Flash would certainly get the job done very well and probably get along doing it, it'll be more interesting to vary the choices. For sanity's sake, we'll limit the number of heroes you can pick to 6, and you're allowed to pick heroes who are either dead, or in limbo. My team; Judge Dredd (2000AD): While it'd be easy to pick someone like Wolverine to be the anti-hero, I'd rather see Dredd in the role. He's a cold and callous bastard who'll do anything and kill anything for justice; sort of like a far more interesting Punisher. Dredd's single-mindedness and general crossover infancy (I can only remember a couple of Dredd/Batman crossovers) would be fun. Jack 'Starman' Knight (DC): I couldn't ignore the lead from my all time favourite series. Jack Knight's a relatively inexperienced superhero who doesn't bother with a costume or secret identity. He's a great representative of what your average guy might be like as a superhero, and his interchanges with other heroes in the Starman comic (namely Batman and Superman) was always very interesting. Spiderman (Marvel): A cheap answer. I just have an undying love for Spiderman that will never go away. I also always find Spiderman crossovers to be interesting. Hellboy (Dark Horse): I love the mystique and mythology around the Hellboy character. He's essentially a really good guy who'd probably work well alongside Spidey and Starman, and he's a really fresh character. I considered picking Spawn or The Crow instead, but eventually decided that it wouldn't work. Mr. Hyde (Alan Moore: Wildstorm): Technically dead, but nevermind. Hyde was the best character during the LXG series, I think. Ridiculously vicious, but superbly handy in a brawl. I also found his dialogue hilarious. He'd probably try and eat Spiderman, but it'd be a fun read. Zauriel (DC): Among the traditional Superman-type heroes who've populated the JLA over the years, I liked Zauriel's more origional approach. It's a shame he's not being used at the moment, but I'd like to see the Zauriel/Hellboy dynamic work. He'd be a good team player too, which my squad probably needs. So, that's my pick. Logistically impossible, but this is a fantasy thread. I'd love to read the everyone else's picks.
  12. Magneto. You could never even consider trusting The Joker. Lex Luthor, meanwhile, has no honour and would sell you out in a second for his own goals. If you were sure that you and Magneto were for the same cause I think you'd be safe from betrayal.
  13. A friend of mine has been getting me more interested in watching it. The couple of episodes I saw from the most recent series were very entertaining, and you really didn't need to know anything about the continuity.
  14. I'm afraid I don't have anything too specific, but I've never been anywhere close to being beaten on multiplayer Quake II for the N64, which is nice. It's the same with Saturn Sonic R. I am my own niche.
  15. I could sing the original Pokémon theme all day.
  16. How did Wolverine survive the whole windpipe and spinal chord being chopped in half thing? Did his healing power kick-in in super quick time?
  17. That looks to be a short series. Hulk Smash.
  18. I can't imagine this being very good. For me, the whole appeal of the Terminator series was to watch Arnold as the Terminator blow shit up. I don't care about the backstory, because it's not that interesting anyway.
  19. You could try Terry Pratchett's Carpe Jurgulum, a Discworld book (and one of the best) with vampires as its main theme. It's interesting as it looks at them in a different light, with a bit more wit. I highly recomend it as entertainment anyway.
  20. I reccomend she be reading........ The Crow. First of all, it's a single story, doesn't require any backstory continuity knowledge. Second of all, it's bloody great. Erm, and that's it.
  21. Luke

    Soulcalibur III

    Bah, damn this PS2 exclusiveness! I needs me ghost pirate. Cervantes is my best character too, he's the only fighting character that I've ever sat down with on practise mode and forced myself to learn everything. For he is a pirate, and I am sad.
  22. Luke

    Soulcalibur III

    Quick question because I am lazy- Can you still be Cervantes?
  23. I don't see how they could possibly appease anyone with a remake. The Halloween series is pretty much redundant now anyway.
  24. Luke

    Infinite Crisis

    Yeah but then he cried about it and left Earth and went in to space and met some people and transported into a big monster and was haunted by his guilt and then beat up Mongul and found the Eradicator. So basically by the end he'd forgotten about it. Which is nice.