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  1. Spider-Man for the PS1 is the best. I remember the very first time playing it and having an absolute blast stopping the bank robbers and avoiding the police's MASSIVE guns. Having all the extra costumes was fun too (loved having the Ben Reilly and SM Unlimited gear). Enter Electro may have been better if all the best bad guys (Venom, Carnage, Doc Ock) hadn't been used up in the first one.
  2. Spider-Man beat Bullseye shortly after the books were re-numbered post Gathering Of Five.
  3. Actually, that isn't totally fair. Punisher hasn't been released in Europe, at least not in the Uk/Ireland region anyway.
  4. These aren't exactly great castings, but anything's better than Vin Diesel as Thing.
  5. Still, if they can't get Black, I'm sure WB'll find some way to ruin it. There's always some face-of-the-hour that can be hooked into a project like this. How about Ashton Kutcher, he's annoying! Or maybe they'll turn it into another girl power fantasy (emphasis on the ass) by getting someone like Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan in a "wacky" version of GL. I can't believe this is the same company that gives us Justice League Unlimited.
  6. Superman got worshipped in this crossover. He shouldn't have beaten Thor, Vision died to save him from two jobbers, Thor threw him the hammer and made him look like an equal. Didn't Thor mention after the fight that the magic seal could be lifted in times of need, thus allowing Supes to pick it up?
  7. Magnus was a lot better than most give him credit for. He couldn't deal with that now because he was trying to save Springer and company from being blown up. Rodimus Prime was a whinger anyway, so I'd prefer Magnus in charge.