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  1. What are these laws of physics you speak of?
  2. Because the Last Stand really wrapped up things and closed off the franchise; the directors pretty clearly stated that that would be the last film in the franchise. There's not much of anywhere that they can take the series as it stands currently, unless there's some serious retcon, which might happen in the origins that they're doing now. Also, I got into X-Men through the movies. :/
  3. Well, the one thing we know for sure is in the movie canon, he can't remember anything prior to the operation. And as Starvos points out, maybe this should be taken as separate from the movie canon? Either that, or there's a secondary wave of amnesia after the operation. Or he just doesn't want to talk about it.
  4. Haven't heard of most... well, any of these games. And I'm not really sure that I want to. oO;; Much thanks for reliving the horror, DW. And can't wait for the rest!
  5. Oh. Heh. I didn't realize this was here. ^^; *waves hi to people she doesn't know yet*
  6. Off the top of my head, four things that have made me cry: -Most of the later half of Saikano, . Lord, that's a depressing series. Also, the second episode of the OVA. - in Grave of the Fireflies. That was the breaking point for me. -When I hear most songs by Death Cab for Cutie, off their Plans album. Bad associations with an ex. -At the end of Wall-E, when I mean, come on! That was a sucker punch, right there. -The latter episodes of the first season of Victorian Romance Emma's first season, , and the middle episodes of Victorian Romance Emma's second season, .
  7. There has not been ONE FUCKING DAY since I got home a week ago that my family is not bitching at me or someone else in this family. Is it so much to ask for some peace and quiet?! EDIT: And I wish my little sister would just LISTEN to me, especially when I tell her not to get out of a moving car!
  9. Bit of a bump; hope that's okay. But Keanu hoping to be cast as Spike (who I'm assuming is the lead role)? NO. Also, sounds like the story is based off the first episode at this point, which wasn't the greatest episode, but pretty solid, nonetheless.
  10. Hah. If you're looking for a better holiday-themed OVA, I've heard Tokyo Marble Chocolate is actually pretty decent. And I disagree with you on the Dragonball: Evolution thing. Adaptations can do whatever they want, yes; however, they should at least have a basic resemblance to the original source material and at least try not to rape it too badly. If you put the source material and the movie side-by-side, you couldn't possibly tell that latter was based off the former.
  11. Congrats on making it through that OVA, sir. Because, uhm, OW. *pat pat*
  12. I hope the Walshes are finally able to find peace of some sort.
  13. What are you referring to, w/r/t Nathan's turn? The fact that or ?
  14. With baseball bats. Those make everything better.
  15. Shall send you a PM, then, Yoda. Heh. The man will only be desperate when I'm writing things, trust me. Heh... Heheheh... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I mean... copyright infringement is wrong. That's encouraging.
  16. I'd be interested if you guys are good with it. The only thing that I can think of is does the stuff I watch have to be legal DVD copies? Cause a good deal of what I watch is fansubbed. And shaddup, Preston.
  17. Well, the topic about says it. xD I review every anime I watch the whole way through, and I've taken to posting them on my account at And maybe I'll post them on here as well. Now, I just have to actually finish one (I haven't had that time as of late xD).
  18. ... Is that Night Owl SCISSORING one of the bad guys in there? Base rule of adaptations: Never ever EVER let them do a video game! EVER!
  19. This looks pretty good. I'll probably go see it. I can explain all the Gambit with one word, though: Fangirls.
  20. I'm willing to bet it was the best title they could come up for the project. I doubt there's going to be a whole series of origins; the only other planned one is Magneto, but they're not calling it that.
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    The Music Thread

    "Little Dealer Boy", Stephen Colbert and Willie Nelson, A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All