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  1. Suavestar, please come see us on Canada's west coast. We have some of the finest independent comic shops (in Victoria and Vancouver) you're ever likely to see. The Comic Shop on West 4th in Van. is a two story comic mecca. The best comic shop ever:


    In Victoria we have three or four comic shops on one street. The flagship being Curious Comics:


    A clean, professional, well run establishment with a great selection. A real family joint.

    Then there's Legend Comics, Yellowjacket Comics and one other. These shops are more hardcore geeky with kind of a handcrafted vibe; original art on the walls, wooden shelving and old fashioned spinner racks. They are all enthusiastic and know their shit. I've picked up some obscure european stuff from Yellowjacket and Gaiman's Mr. Punch from Legends.

    Suavestar, don't paint all the independents with the same brush. There are some great comic shops out there. Look around you.

  2. Don't worry, Preston. Daddy Dread is just trying to make Daddy D-man jealous.

    In reality, "British hot water tank repairman" is what he's calling his meat hook these days.

  3. A robot from Boston thinks I'm pretty!

    "I feel pretty,

    Oh, so pretty,

    I feel pretty and witty and bright!

    And I pity

    Any girl who isn't me tonight.

    I feel charming,

    Oh, so charming

    It's alarming how charming I feel!

    And so pretty

    That I hardly can believe I'm real.

    See the pretty girl in that mirror there:

    Who can that attractive girl be?

    Such a pretty face,

    Such a pretty dress,

    Such a pretty smile,

    Such a pretty me!"

  4. Could be that since Darryll's eyes are like that, that he thinks all eyes looks like that.

    Could be.

    Could be you might wanna have another look at that sentence structure, english major.

    could be.

  5. Thats really good.

    I'd say Kevin Spacey if he played Norman Osbourne?

    The hair reminds me of Spacey in the usual suspects.

    Thanks Suavestar. Kevin Spacey? Really? I like that folks are seeing different people in this.

    The eye on his right, our left, looks like it might be glass...

    You might be right, Nicolette but I'm afraid to ask him about it. :laugh:

  6. That's cool and all but I would make the baby (and the mother for that matter) wear one of those baby masks the interrogators wore in Brazil. Just for affect, you understand.

  7. What If Norman Osborn was a dockworker instead of a supervillain?

    Nice Darryll. You know now that any art created whilst under the inspiration of Dread Media is property of the podcast right?

    Uhhh... Did I say Dread Media, yeah,uh, no. I mean, I ran the episode through some audio filtering software first so that all I could hear was my half of the conversation during the Frankenstein review.

    That way I could draw while listening to my favorite sound in the world. My own voice. Heh.

  8. I sketched this in about ten minutes while listening to Dread Media's interview with the great Gene Colan.

    I don't know who the guy in this picture is. All I know is that he smokes cigars and his eyes are a little wonky.


  9. On a more topical note, I checked out Mr. Colan's website and it's awsome. I recommend everyone have a look. Those DarkHorse Dracula covers are amazing. Des, I gotta show you the pencil sketch I did while listening to your interview. I may just post it as my latest avatar on these boards.

  10. Alright, alright. I take it all back. Threats of violence are unnecessary. Just, please, promise me you won't walk over to my house. If you're seen in my neighborhood it could lower property values.

    I said good day!

  11. Thank you, Preston, for that illuminating clarification.

    I find it fascinating that you both have such comprehensive knowledge of the male anatomy and it's various colloquialisms considering that between the two of you, you share only one bodily orifice...a douche-nozzle.

    How does it work? Does one of you use the nozzle for a couple of weeks and then mail it to the other. What if it arrives without having been properly cleaned? I suppose it's one thing to be a douche-nozzle but to be a clogged douche-nozzle?

    The mind recoils at the thought. Burn indeed.

    Good day, sirs.

  12. Congratulations, Des, on an utterly fascinating and informative interview with Gene Colan. It's quite obvious why they call him "Gentleman Gene." A pleasure to listen to. I got a charge when he gave props to John Buscema. One of my favorite artists from, among others, Savage Sword Of Conan. Des, I thought you composed yourself wonderfully and professionally. I got the impression Gene really appreciated the praise you garnered him with. He deserves it. Great show!

  13. Also, agreed with pretty much all your points on Watchmen. Title sequence is for the artistic awesome win.

    Yeah, I totally forgot to mention the opening titles but that was the point in the movie I realized this was going to be something special.

    After having given Watchmen a few days to simmer in my head I have come to one conclusion: I need to see it again.

  14. I'd like to make an amendment as well, if I may. One of your listeners gave feedback quoting a comment made regarding the look and feel of eighties horror. Des, you gave credit for the quote to me but I don't recall saying that, specifically, so I can only assume the quote came from DW, perhaps?

    For what it's worth, I agree wholeheartedly. If you've ever clicked through late night television, it takes a split second to recognize an eighties horror flick. Something in the grain of the film and the sound of the synthesizer and the quality of the foley effects. Not to mention the fact that it's likely to feature Pamela Susan Shoop topless in a hot tub. :wub:

  15. Greetings

    I am the D-Man, otherwise known as Darryll, occasional guest on Dread Media. I thought it was about time I brought my relentless campaign of terror to these boards if I ever hope to claim the title of Desmond's Number One Stalker. Des, I know where you live, man. As a matter of fact, look outside right now. See me? Right there, under the street light. Yeah, you see me. Don't worry, I'll be here all night, keeping you company. Yeah. all night. I got no place else ta' go...'sniff.'

    Regarding Alien III: Yeah, the Director's cut or Application Cut or whatever is way slower than the theatrical cut. And yeah, the studio was right to cut all that extraneous bull- (what's the word on swearing around these parts?) footage but that didn't make Fincher wrong for filming all that extra dialogue and trying his damnedest to develop as much story as possible. His job, as I suspect he saw it at the time, was to present to the studio as much material as humanly possible so that his producers could make the best, most informed decisions about where they wanted this film to go, narratively speaking. I'm pretty sure Fincher knew that a large portion of his coverage of the inmates was going to get tossed in favor of focusing on Ripley's story. And that's as it should be. This is Ripley's tale and, in the theatrical cut at least, it's kind of a poignant and fitting end to her dramatic arc. It made her presence in future Alien pictures totally unwarranted. My only regret was the loss of the oxen in the theatrical cut. I really liked them. They served as a direct counterpoint to the high tech gadgetry of the previous films. They grounded the inmates in an earthy, low tech, physical existence that I found appealing. A team of oxen dragging a space pod across the final leg of it's journey between planets was a unique image and one I was glad I saw.