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  1. SIX MINUTES?! SIX WHOLE FUCKING MINUTES?! Why not just take my first born while you're at it?!

    All I gotta' say is, it better show up in the deleted scenes of the 200th anniversary episode audio blu ray.

    Here's a sneak peek:

    "Well, Des, allow me to reiterate what I was saying not more than five, five and a half minutes ago. It is my considered and balanced opinion that hot lesbian vampires are indeed hot.... (audible drooling) .... "

  2. Great interview, Des! You really held your own with Pollak. I loved your Larry King impression at the end.

    One thing, though. Pollak mentioned that he knew right away that the concept for VAMPED OUT was a web series. I was hoping you would have asked what he thought marked a story idea as ideal for the web as opposed to television. I would guess it's a fairly fine distinction and I would have liked to have heard that discussion.

    Besides that minor quibble I thought it was a great listen and I loved hearing his thoughts on the USUAL SUSPECTS. Good work!

  3. I haven't listened to the episode yet but I wanted to chime in saying I loved PONYO. I am a huge Miyazaki fan and I thought PONYO was some of his most brilliant animation ever. That goes for the quiet moments as well as the sweeping action scenes. The story is spare and clean and brilliant and the characters have a humanity that is breathtaking. I loved it and my children loved it, although my three year old was scared of Ponyo's Daddy.

    Re: Carl Macek - I know a lot of anime purists deride his contribution but if it wasn't for him I never would been introduced to MACROSS through ROBOTECH. A seminal show for me at the time. When I discovered the true nature of Robotech and it's roots I was shocked. Robotech was so well constructed that it all seemed to be one entity, not three separate shows mashed together. Anyway, I hold up ROBOTECH right along side STAR WARS as top flight space opera entertainment. It blew my mind as a kid. RIP, Carl.

  4. I know. I've held off buying them individually on Blu because I'm hoping for complete boxed editions of both KILL BILL and GRINDHOUSE. I thought it would happen when INGLORIOUS BASTERDS came out, but no.

    And so I wait.

  5. It's funny, Dread and I were just talking about MACHETE last night and it's chances of seeing the light of day. Well, it turns out it's not only finished but it's coming out this summer on Labour Day weekend ( http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118017906.html?categoryid=13&cs=1 ).

    Dread and I were discussing the three 80s throwback mercenaries on a mission movies coming out this summer, namely THE EXPENDABLES, THE A-TEAM, and THE LOSERS. I was leaning towards THE LOSERS as the one to watch, if only for the presence of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the tough, scruffy leader. We were also discussing the possible future of MACHETE and how it may depend upon the success or failure of those other action pictures. At the time, I had no idea that MACHETE was finished and awaiting a release date. Now, with Rodriguez having not one but two pictures coming out this summer, including the promising PREDATORS, those other action vehicles just don't seem nearly as relevant to me anymore.

    MACHETE has now taken the position as my number one summer movie I am most looking forward to. Danny Trejo dispensing hot Mexican Justice to those crooked, fat-cat gringos is something I've been excited to see for, well, ever since the trailer in GRINDHOUSE. And check out that additional casting. Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriquez, Lindsay Lohan, Don Johnson, and, of course, Cheech Moran. Wow. Fuck those 80s mercenaries. I want my 70s Mexploitation right now.

  6. Dread, no punch you could deliver could equal the pain I was in on Sunday. Besides, as I recall, your last coherent words were, "Tequila, I hate this stuff," as you poured it into yourself like it was nectar of the gods.

    The thing about tequila is that after the first or even the second shot you feel like a million bucks. Then it kicks you in the stomach like a machine designed exclusively for the purpose of kicking you in the stomach. Then you are harnessed and locked into this machine for about the next twelve to fifteen hours. During this phase, sensors linking the machine with your brain register every time you even think about food and the machine kicks you in the stomach.

    Later, when the machine is finally removed from your body, it is placed inside a glass case at the back of your closet. Attached to the case is a tiny hammer and a sign. The sign reads: "In case of Dread's birthday, break glass."

    See you next year, Stomach Kicking Machine.

  7. By personal improvement exercise I am referring to the way he takes charge of his own life. He asserts himself to save his way of life. A life he wasn't able to appreciate before his adventures in time. It wasn't for comedic affect alone that Hector 1 was portrayed initially as kinda' lazy, passive and bored. He watches his wife living her life with a certain vigor while he sits in a chair and rather passively accepts a blow job. Later, after timidly approaching a naked girl in the woods and then running scared from an attacker he stumbles into the lab and follows orders, barely questioning the wisdom of climbing into a strange tank.

    By the time Hector 3 arrives he is a man of action with a plan to save his wife that he carries out with purpose and determination. He issues the orders and forges his own destiny. By the time he takes his wife to hand and sits her down in that lawn chair to allow events to resolve there is a sense this is a new, improved Hector with a new appreciation for life. I think he experienced a certain amount of disgust after observing the rather cowardly behavior of his previous versions and how that behavior, even more than the time travel itself, resulted in the mess that ensued. Hector cleaned up his own mess with his new take charge attitude. There is a real sense that his adventures were a blessing, allowing Hector to, literally, see himself from another's POV.

    Marty McFly got a new truck and cool parents.

  8. Ha! touche' mon amis.

    OK, The BACK TO THE FUTURE pictures are not time travel movies. They are fantasy films that utilize time travel as a story device to put our characters into zany situations. Fun, granted, but not true time travel stories.

    I've never seen JOURNEYMAN so I can't comment but it seems to be a male version of show from a few years back called TRU CALLING (filmed in Vancouver). My wife liked that one.

    The companions you speak of always had the good Doctor's guidance through the time stream; An experienced, fully trained, immortal Time Lord out to save the universe. Besides, DR. WHO is another one that uses time travel as a story device to set the characters in various settings and genres. It's not really about time travel.

    TIME CRIMES is about time travel. It's entire structure is concerned with it. To the point that the individuality of the characters is sacrificed, somewhat, to the notion of predestination. Until, that is, Hector 3 begins to assert himself in the time stream. His character arc is fascinating in that I feel his character, at the end, is dramatically changed from the beginning of the picture as a direct result of time travel. It's the first time I've ever seen a film where a character used time travel as a personal improvement exercise. Come to think of it, it's the first time the main character is a wholly different person at the end. Literally.

  9. Well, you are obviously an alternate Master infiltrating from a different timeline than the one I visited.

    Seriously, though. Really? Those flashbacks were pretty fleeting and I kinda' needed them, frankly.

    I loved that our hero is a typical, lazy shlub who just happens to live next door to a time machine. He's not on a mission to save the world, he just wants his life back. I love that at first he's totally clueless to the subtleties of time travel. Then he's slavishly devoted to maintaining continuity. By his third iteration he's an old hand at this and begins molding the timeline to his own agenda. He's playing a game of chess with himself.

    I love our scientist who is not the big brain behind the project, spewing techy exposition for the audiences sake, but a lowly technician fooling around with the machine over the weekend. I love that from his point of view Hector 3 is the first one to climb out of the machine which turns the narrative inside out.

    I want to go back in time and see it again. again. again...

  10. Master, you are going to love it. I know this because I've already read the post you have yet to write. It will be very incisive. By the way, be sure to avoid the veal next thursday. Just saying.

  11. I'm really impressed with that poster. They could've easily gone with the same old boring floating heads considering the star quotient but they went for something way more interesting. We may still get the floating heads for a theatrical poster but just imagine walking into your theatre lobby and seeing this skull/weapon image as an enormous, die cut standee with lenticular animation. Awsome.

  12. Megan - While we were completely at odds on Goodfellas, I agree with you, wholeheartedly, on Moulin Rouge. It's a fun, original, effervescent epic of over-the-top filmmaking, drunk on it's own madness. I've seen it a couple of times with Nadine and we both enjoy it. I appreciate it's classic hollywood set pieces and it's super melodramatic plot reminds me of an old-timey penny dreadful. I can take or leave the music but Ewan and Nicole have great chemistry together. Des will probably audibly slap his own forehead over this post but that's as it should be.