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  1. Well, I just looked at another trailer for this where the bullies actually call the kid 'the Karate Kid' as some kind of put down. So I guess that means in this movie the original movie actually exists. Jackie Chan and the kid could actually go rent the DVD and watch it together and realize their lives are a direct parallel to the movie. Then they could look at us through the screen and ask us why we are watching the same movie twice with different actors when we could just rent the original and show it to our kids and save ourselves a lot of grief.

  2. That may well be, Dread, but do you want to risk asserting that truth only to have some WB teen fucker portraying America's greatest hero. Better to hedge the bets on that one and go with someone that looks like they might actually have some life experience under their belt. Leonardo De caprio as Captain America. There. I said it. I know it will never happen in a million years but why not. They got Downey Jr. for Iron Man and Norton for Hulk. Keep that trend going.

  3. Exactly. When preteens kiss in the movies it's cute and chaste and kind of embarrassing for everyone involved. When teenagers kiss in the movies it's a right of passage into a more adult world. A promise that there may be more to come once our girl gets her hero behind closed doors. Not that I was sure what exactly happened behind closed doors at the age I saw this movie but I liked the idea of a teenage Elisabeth Shue wanting to kiss me all the time. Hubba, hubba.

  4. General audiences will not give a hoot about the martial art being depicted. Did you really care about the subtleties when you saw the first one as a kid? I didn't. I just got pumped when Ralph Macchio went into that crane stance.

    My big complaint is the age of the kid and his enemies. Way to young. He looks, what? Twelve? He should be at least fifteen. Studios make the mistake of thinking the protagonists of these films should be the same age as the target audience. Wrong. I saw the original when I was twelve or thirteen and it was kind of a glimpse at how cool being a teenager was gonna be and even if I wasn't that cool I might get to learn martial arts, drive a neat car, be the hero and get the hot girl. Heady stuff. See, Lucas made this same mistake with Anakin in PHANTOM MENACE. Kid STAR WARS fans wanted a young jedi they could look up to, like Luke Skywalker, not someone they could relate to. Luke could drive and go into town by himself. Anakin still needed his mommy. He could hardly see over the dash of his speeder. Lame.

    The villains in this new KARATE KID are too young as well. The fights in the trailer look like schoolyard dust ups that any adult could step in and stop. Compare that with the scene in the original outside the Halloween dance where Danny gets the shit kicked out of him. To my young eyes those guys looked big and crazy and dangerous. They represented what was scary about becoming a teenager. And that's what that movie was really about. Growing up, becoming confident, standing up for yourself in an adult world with honor and then reaping the adult benefits; The car, the girl and the accolades.

  5. Just wanted to ask anyone that has seen SHUTTER ISLAND if they noticed any inconsistencies in the print they saw? Specifically, I'm referring to the scene with a little girl walking from left to right across the frame just before the car blows up. In the print Dread and I saw she is upside down for just a second. At another spot in the film there is a huge cigarette burn in the corner and the following insert shot has a noticeably green tint to it. Did anyone else notice any apparent flaws in the print they viewed? What was your interpretation? Were these intentional and a part of the look or were they just bad prints? An inquiring mind wants to know.

  6. Jude Law would be great for Ham. He's just the right age. The thing is, Ham and Monk have to be perfect foils for one another because they are constantly bickering and competing and playing practical jokes. Therefore, both actors have to have great chemistry together. Monk is a world class chemist who just happens to built like an ape-man. He's jolly and affable and loves a good scrap. He considers himself a real ladies man but is constantly frustrated by Ham's smarmy charm and good looks. How about Andy Serkis? Consider his work in Peter Jackson's KING KONG as both Kong himself and as the ship's cook. He was the best part of that awful movie. His natural physicality and liveliness would be perfect for Monk and he'd be a great counter to Jude Law's Ham.

  7. An article in Variety magazine here: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118015613.html?categoryid=1237&cs=1 has offically announced a new Doc Savage picture in our viewing future. Now, I don't know how others will feel about this news but I loves me some pulpy Doc Savage goodness. He’s a difficult character to portray, though, because he’s basically the perfect human. He’s a walking, talking deus ex machina. I think if they focus primarily on his five companions with Doc as a mysterious, almost mythic figure pulling the strings from the shadows they may have more success than previous efforts. Also, I want zeppelins and lost cities and infernal devices and cliffhangers and Doc riding on the running boards and super fast elevators to secret warehouses and hardened criminals with electric rifles that fire whistling bullets that decompose flesh etc. etc. etc.

    Also, I wonder who will play Doc. Arnold Schwarzennegger was going to play Doc years ago but now it's Dwayne Johnson's name being thrown out there. As good a choice as any I suppose. Any other candidates? Who should play his five crime fighting companions? Any thoughts?

  8. Yeah, I’ve had problems with Leo in the past. His AVIATOR was unrealistic and his work in BODY OF LIES was uninspired but he is hardening himself with each role. He was great in the DEPARTED and even better in SHUTTER ISLAND. I can see why Scorsese continues working with him. He’s no De niro but he’s damn close. This was his strongest performance.

  9. Really, Master? I kind of see where you're coming from regarding the mystery but let me say this. I don't feel the mystery is for us (the viewers) to solve per se. It is for Teddy to discover and we are along for the ride. There are far greater rewards to be had than solving the mystery ahead of time (which I feel the majority of filmgoers will do). The level of detail is monumental, the score is devastating, the dream sequences mesmerizing. Solving or not solving Teddy's secret does not detract in any way from the emotional toll his discovery takes on him and on the viewer.

    I can't really speak to the editing issue until I've had a second viewing (which may happen sooner rather than later) but who's acting did you have the most trouble with? I thought everyone involved was outstanding.

  10. That's probably for the best, Preston. While Dread and I tread very carefully around spoilers, this picture is almost impossible to talk about without giving some stuff away. Feel free to skip ahead to our HOUSE OF THE DEVIL review, though. I'm a bit worried it will be overshadowed by SHUTTER ISLAND and that would be a shame. It's a true gem and comes highly recommended.

  11. Just wanted to say the author whose name eluded me during the SHUTTER ISLAND review is Kazuo Ishiguro. He wrote THE UNCONSOLED. A real mindfuck of a book about a pianist exploring an unnamed european city. If you're into challenging, Kafkaesque dream-like narratives give it a try. It was the spiral nature of the plot that reminded me of SHUTTER ISLAND. A movie I know I will get many, many spins when the DVD arrives.

    SHUTTER ISLAND double feature - Steven Soderbergh's KAFKA (1991) or Alan Parker's ANGEL HEART (1987). Take your pick. All fantastic pictures. According to Roger Ebert, Scorsese showed his cast a 1947 noir called OUT OF THE PAST before shooting commenced. I must track this film down.

    On HOUSE OF THE DEVIL - A complete surprise for me. While the problems I mention regarding the finale still stand my affection for this picture has grown with time. Our heroine bopping around the house with the Fixx on her giant walkman really plucked my strings. Skinny jeans and feathered hair are my new fetishes.