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  1. Small part? Pff. Featured review every episode? More like a major part. And it probably wouldn't be going anymore if I hadn't started reviews with you. I blame you, anyway.

    That's cool. So, when're we gonna' do that LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY review?

  2. I don't know. I watched the trailer on IMDB (I don't know if that's the same one you guys watched) and I thought it looked kinda rough and visceral. Michael Parks is in it. He's pretty fuckin cool. He's like the american Stephen McHattie. John Goodman always brings it. He's from Rosanne.

    I'm not saying I'm gonna run out to the nearest movie house and demand an immediate showing but I might look for it on VHS.

  3. According to Roger Ebert, Scorsese showed his cast a 1947 noir called OUT OF THE PAST before shooting commenced. I must track this film down.

    I finally saw this film over the weekend. Meh. I'm not sure what Scorsese saw in this in relation to SHUTTER ISLAND.

  4. What I suspect happened with this one is this: What the writers of this film (and the director, too, I suspect) really wanted to do was tell a story about crazed rednecks, stoned cultists and giant pig gods. They hemmed themselves in, though, thinking the genre required those conventional, normal characters to introduce everything. And that's why, after forty-five minutes of boring, empty-headedness the film suddenly busts free of itself and starts to rock.

    My point is, If you want to make a movie about crazed rednecks, stoned cultists and giant pig gods, then fucking do it. Don't pussy around it for half the film until you get to the part you're actually interested in filming. Fuck convention and tell the story you want. From the start. And I guaran-fuckin-tee the audience will thank you for it. They will also sense if you are anything less than one hundred percent committed to your story. So commit.

  5. This one could be the next MACHETE or it could be a slice of shit pie. I dunno. I love car chases. I love William Fitchner. I love the Devil. I like Nic Cage. Most of the time. Wait a second. Doesn't this look like GHOST RIDER only in a car instead of on a motorcycle minus the flaming skull? You be the judge: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/summit/driveangry/

    Then watch this:

    I want to do a Nic Cage marathon on Dread Media. Please endorse this message and make it happen.

  6. You weren't the only one, D.W.

    Be sure to tune in for next week's episode of D-man Media when I'll be interviewing Desmond Reddick about the wholesale theft of his show and then I'll be reviewing LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring while Des whispers sweet nothings to his Troma DVD collection.

  7. That was a really well rounded review, KnightWing. Good job.

    Your comments regarding the lack of action has me puzzled. It's a 3D Tron movie and it's not wall to digital wall with action? I'm surprised but also hopeful. Have they actually endeavored to tell a good story here? That would be great.

    Also, your point regarding early action and emotional tension is very insightful. There is nothing wrong with action eye candy during a prologue sequence to pique our interest but, eventually, the audience has to care about the characters if we are to invest ourselves in their jeopardy. This is especially true for high concept genre pictures like Tron. We need to ground ourselves in characters before we can fully buy into the fantastical world they inhabit.

    I'm definately going to try to see this in a theatre. Your review has made me curious.

  8. I wonder if we'll see him fly by throwing his hammer. Also, I'd love too see a Thor vs. Hulk smackdown in the Avengers movie. It's just exciting to see a superhero movie that isn't about techno gadgets or science. In Thor we have a super god capable of high levels of wholesale destruction. And from the look of things, he brings it. Not since Donner's Superman have we seen this kind of power from our movie heroes. I'm discounting the Hulk because he is more like a force of nature than a traditional superhero.

    Now, here's hoping Brannaugh can bring the empathy. I'm also hoping Thor doesn't spend too much time 'trapped' on earth with his power diminished.