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Did anyone else read "Avengers: Disassembled"? I just reread it again last night, and now I am looking to see where this is going even more.

Yup, and I enjoyed it immensely. Now I just have to finally get my ass to the comic shop so I can grab these House of M books.

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I've been glancing through a friends copies of M though the only book I got of M thus far is Hulk (not a core M book but is including the tie-in). I enjoy how they really seem to be setting EVERYONE up to be THE GUY (or lady) who is able to break through the false reality.

ooooh the suspense (half sarcasm)

I'm looking forward to the Exile's tie-in

Anyone know if Runaway's is going to tie in. I wouldn't think so but, hey, whatever happens will happen.

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Anyone know if Runaway's is going to tie in. I wouldn't think so but, hey, whatever happens will happen.

Nope. Here's the House of M checklist:

House of M #1-8

Secrets of the House of M

Black Panther #7

Cable/Deadpool #17

Captain America #10

Excalibur #13-14

Exiles #69-71

Fantastic Four: House of M #1-3

Incredible Hulk #83-86

Iron Man: House of M #1-3

Mutopia X #1-4

New Thunderbolts #11

New X-Men #16-19

The Pulse #10

The Pulse: House of M Special Edition

Spider-Man: House of M #1-5

Uncanny X-Men #462-465

Wolverine #33-35

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awesome. thanks for the list. I would have been disappointed if they interupted the runaways' arc.

I should pick up Mutopia since ive been considering adding District to my regulars and this cross over should be a good jumping on point. Anyone checking out this thread able to throw in an recommendations on this book?

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I am following most of the House of M stuff, including most of the stuff with House of M in the title... and I likewise am waiting for the Exiles tie in to come around.

*Spoiler Alert for anyone who has not read those out to date and plans to*

So far, I am liking a lot of it, excluding the obvious marketing ploy that Wolverine just automatically knows something is up. The guy has had his head messed with enough times that he should take a little bit more time before he suddenly goes kill death on everyone. Although I really like the comparison of what the world would be like with humans as the lower class and mutants as the powerful ones. Considering if a mutant is getting harassed by three or four humans on the street, odds are he can either make something explode, fly away, turn into a wooly mammoth, whatever. Whereas the human who is being harassed by three mutants, say someone who can make stuff explode, fly, and turn into a wooly mammoth, he is toast and really has no recourse, which really shows a greater injustice. Humans fear mutants because they have powers and some take that fear out as agression. Mutants do not fear humans at all and any agression perpetrated by them is simply being a jerk.

Spiderman House of M is fun as well. It keeps the whole double life aspect in tact by having Peter/Spidey pretend he is a mutant. Gives him something he continues to hide from everyone, which has longstanding been one of his situational characteristics which gave him heartache and kept him from being truly happy with himself. The shaved head thing did not totally make sense to me though. And people have pointed out to me that he should be having a bit of a difficult time pretending to be a mutant since there are all sorts of things which detect mutants (which in this world I would assume might detect humans). Regardless, HoM Spiderman is off to a good start.

HoM Iron Man is nothing spectacular. Its interesting (and more importantly to me it confirms that Johnny Storm is around, and has flame powers) but the art in it reminds me more of an Anime series, while it is very crisp and nice in a technical sense, it just makes the book have a more television feel to it. It was an informative read more than anything else. Helping my understand exactly how barbaric the mutants have become (Iron Man is a Gladiator in big arena fights... kinda like back in the days of Rome... but with an iron man suit).

HoM Fantastic Four is just my prized possession at the moment. Great in EVERY way. Given, I was forced to do a little bit of research to find out who everyone involved was. This is what really has me puzzling and coming back for more issues in House of M. I want to know what is going down with the Fantastic Four. In HoM FF, the group is the Fearsom Four, consisting of Dr. Doom, The Invincible Woman (Valeria Richards it appears), The Inhuman Torch (Kristoff), and The It. Reed Richards is supposedly dead and bad stuff has happened to the other three (although Johnny is apparently a gladiator as seen in HoM Iron Man #1). The contention between Doom and Magneto is absolutely enthralling, and Magneto manages to come off a quite the good guy in this book, although at the same time I cannot help but feel for Doom.

I think that covers my thoughts on House of M currently, I am looking forward to picking up HoM #4 tommorrow (I think it should be coming out) as well as any of the other HoM titles that happen to catch my eye.

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Mutopia X was pretty lame. Nothing important seemed to occur and nothing was explained/explored that hasn't been made obvious elsewhere. I will prolly sucker out and grab the next ish since they do atleast set it up to take a different direction than other books. Human vs Human conflict.

The Hulk was really good though. I will definately get the next ish of that. He seems to be one of the few humans who are feared (by mutants). In the M, he is very much still at odds with his alter ego but also very much at peace with it. They use the term happiness to explain both what is right with the world and why it is wrong. very yin yang without the yang.


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Ok, big day for House of M. Got myself HoM 4, which was really not that great, I mean it furthers the plot, but it makes me cry because Wolverine is fully aware of EVERYTHING. Its not even a matter of figuring it out, its just that he knows the whole deal which I feel cheapens him and the story. Its mostly a talking heads sorta thing with a little bit of action. Wolverine tells everyone in the HoM world what we already know... taking multiple pages to recap the first three issues.... incase we had forgotten what happened in issue three two weeks ago.

HoM Spiderman is interesting. Jonah has become a total nutjob, and we get a look at the kind of man spiderman becomes when he is in power, and it ain't something pretty. Honestly, I am rooting against Spiderman in this. Which I feel is an incredible accomplishment on the writers part. He has managed to take one of my favorites, and make me dislike the man he becomes when he is not the underdog. Spiderman is just not right unless he is on the losing side of life, and this proves it to me. Not to mention that Uncle Ben (who is still alive) does not get to really instill that moral compass in Peter. What solidifies for Peter that 'great power comes with responsibility' is not that Ben said it... its that uncle Ben died and that is what he remembers him by. Uncle Ben does not die, its just another thing he said like "Eat your vegetables" or "Put the toilet seat back down after you are done". Without that central message being hammered home with Ben's death, Spiderman is just a kid who was abused and finds himself with powers to abuse people back with. (Just see how he treats JJ in this issue, man, Pete is a jerk)

Here is something that is just plain fun, maybe it should more be in the Exiles thread... but this is leading up to the House of M tie in which Exiles has slated to start in Issue 69. Currently fighting Krakoa in a universe which is plagued by giant monsters of that sort showing up regularly the team which is back in HQ is trying to look up information on Krakoa and realizes that the 616 universe is the best place to find it based on the data stores they have. It is also the world in which they have left Nocturne months gone by, and where Beak is from (Beak who wants to go home and therefore insists on looking into 616). The problem is they are entirely unable to make contact with the 616 for unknown reasons, they assume it is a problem on their end..... but still it was a huge geek moment for me when that problem cropped up. I look forward to seeing how they interacting with 616 when they do.

One other thing. I picked up Secrets of House of M. I advise against it unless you do not mind having stuff spoiled for you, wait until the whole thing is over. I think this was released way too soon and should have been held onto for atleast another month before hitting the shelves. When I opened it, I sadly found out about a few people who I would much rather not have known about yet. I closed the book almost right away on realizing how much spoiler info was present, so I cannot say if it is all that good or not. But it is basically like one of those "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" things, but HoM specific. And it appears it has a cute little interview in the back IC with a few notable scientists in the HoM universe and their thoughts on "Genius, is it a mutant power or not?"

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I'm enjoying it, but I have my issues with it. The primary one is that it isn't a self contained mini-series.

First issue ends with the Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy revelation, and then...nothing. It's revealed in the 'previously' bit in issue three that Parker is a famous wrestler/actor. It feels too much like a main title where some stuff happens, but to find out what's going on, you absolutely have to read the other titles.

It's trying too hard to be this decades Age of Apocalypse, trying far too hard. AoA had the awesome 'alpha' and 'omega' opener and closer. Then, in the middle, each title dealt with its own storyline, and they kept seperate. This, you have to buy the mini-series, and buy all the rest to understand what it's referring to. It's irritating.

That said, it's also a lot of fun. It's an obvious twist to the formula that it's surprising we haven't thought of before.

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I have to disagree with you. From what I can see so far you really do not need to read all of the others to understand what is going on. It will give you a fuller picture, as well as make the setting feel more complete. But from what I can tell so far there have been no plot elements in the core HoM that require you to know what is going on in any of the tie ins. Because Spiderman was the person we first saw go through the white wave they needed to at some point give you a little bit of closure in the core HoM book relating to it.

I can tell you that from what I have read of the tie ins, they are more useful for explaining how the world as a whole is coping with the change, as opposed to explaining the core storyline.... which as much as it pisses me off... of how Wolverine puts the world back the way it was. The only tie ins which might be important to have are the ones which actually have House of M in their title. But a lot of the questions you have from the core set are not answered yet in the others either, hinted at maybe, but definatly not answered.

To be honest though... I am enjoying the Spiderman and FF House of M books better than I am the core House of M book, the core just provides me with a setting for the others.

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I have to disagree with you. From what I can see so far you really do not need to read all of the others to understand what is going on. It will give you a fuller picture, as well as make the setting feel more complete. But from what I can tell so far there have been no plot elements in the core HoM that require you to know what is going on in any of the tie ins. Because Spiderman was the person we first saw go through the white wave they needed to at some point give you a little bit of closure in the core HoM book relating to it.

And where did they give that closure? In a 'previously' blurb. That's why it's irritating. End of issue one is a cliffhanger, involving Peter Parker, and we don't get a payoff - we get one line in a 'previously' blurb. You don't see that as annoying? There's too many plot points left loose in the core title.

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I agree that they totally put a huge teaser to get you to buy the Spiderman HoM book. And you are right, putting the closure to that cliffhanger in a previosly blurb is pretty tooly, and they should have dedicated at least a page or two in Issue #2 to Spiderman. I have read the Spiderman HoM so I guess I overlooked how irritating it is to have something that big set up and then ignored.

Still, from what I can see all plot points integral to the story are being included in the core, allthough it might have paid off to expand on what the core was and cut back on extraneous titles, perhaps including Spiderman HoM as just a part of House of M.

But if we boil all of this down, it comes to one single problem. Marketing. Yes, House of M is cool and neat and gee whiz spiffy keen, but it is also meant to get people into comics which they may not have been into earlier. Its working too, TheRetreater hopped back into the Hulk because it was doing House of M. Hopefully a lot of people will jump onto Exiles during their tie in as well. Meanwhile the core set includes as its hero of the hour everyone's favorite character from a sales perspective, Wolverine. And no suprise that they try to get you to go to those tie ins with the core book either. Is it a cheap trick? Probably yes. Is it working? Yes. Will they feel bad about it? No, its working.

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this is true. I am a successful marketing subject for House of M.

I used to read Hulk regularly but then stopped for a while. House of M opens it up for a fresh start (both for the House of M story and once it returns to normal) and decided to pick it back up to see if it is as good as I remember.

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Ok, so a light week on the House of M for me. I picked up Pulse #10, The Pulse Special House of M edition, as well as the Excalibur Prelude tpb (#11-#14)

The Pulse Special Edition was really good, I was highly amused by it. Given, it was done up just like a newspaper, the articles in it were interesting and in many cases humorous.

Excalibur was less entertaining. I mostly figured I would pick it up because post House of M it will have one of my favorite characters, Nocturne.

Hopefully I will be able to find a good comic book shop to pick up next weeks House of M stuff at. I might be stuck picking up the trade paperback to pick up a few issues that I might end up missing.

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It's not a question, but a statement. I read it too fast and saw "tenticles" as... something else.

That was way too much information there dude.

But yeah she has tenticles, its odd looking. I have not followed her for long enough to care or know why.

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