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Have at it. Try not to post anything too huge or people with slower connections could have problems (or put them in spoiler tags). Otherwise, go nuts.

The 50s and 60s were an unbelievable time for SF cover art. The publishers discovered surrealism in a big big way. That's why we usually use cover art from that period in the iTunes cover art.

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The following books are graphic novels so they may not fit in "Books without pictures" but these books were the gateway drug that introduced me to science fiction. In the past ten years these series of books have gotten reprinted three times and that does not include a collection of the authors watercolor paintings.





When Hermes Press released the early Buck Rogers comics I noticed that there were similarities with the aesthetics (Clothes, guns etc.) I would not be surprised if Hayao Miyazaki took some inspiration from those comics.

I suggested to Mike a "grumpy old men" segment comparing the latest Buck Rogers with the 1982 "Nausicaa." I was ready to give him scans of both issues, but never got an answer.

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