Episode 01.01: Ultraviolet


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Dave Probert and Ian Wilson are back with an exciting new show that in no way borrows heavily from their previous one. (This may be a lie.) They begin their viewing of short-lived TV shows with the British one-season wonder Ultraviolet. In "Habeas Corpus," Policeman Michael Colefield discovers that the world isn't what he thinks it is when his partner goes missing, and a mysterious team investigates his disappearance. The truth will change his life. In "In Nomine Patris," Michael joins the team, and his first case involves a millionaire's son, stock market trading, and illegal experimentation on the terminally ill. They also discuss late 90s nostalgia, the best way to make an entrance, and the triumphant return of Statistician Ian. [ 2:30:35 || 72.6 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/twiceasbrighthalfaslong/episodes/twice_001.mp3

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Ah, a lovely new and unspoilt part of the forum to call our own. It's like making the first footprints in new snow.

I'll start a thread to let people know what shows are going to be coming up and another for potential suggestions. We have the next 5 shows locked and many others on the list waiting to be picked.

Ultraviolet had been a favourite of mine since I watched it on its original broadcast so it felt like a logical place for us to start.

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This was a wonderful first episode, gentlemen! I hope to give more feedback soon, maybe via e-mail, but, for now, I wanted to say I truly enjoyed this outing and cannot wait for more. (Hell, I might have to give Shake and Blake another listen to ease the between-episode pains.)

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