Episode 26: The Crow - Wicked Prayer


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I wanted to say that I loved your guys talk on the number of the Beast. Growing up in a conservative Christian atmosphere I was always told that "666" was the number of the beast. Later I heard that an ancient dump site in Egypt was excavated and had some of the earliest drafts of the Gospel. That was where I heard that the number of the beast was actually "616" (when I heard Mike bring up the Marvel universe I really wanted to hug him).

I agree with Mike and how much gets lost in translation. I feel embarrassed to say that I used to give power to a number. In high school, whenever classmates identified me as "the Christian" they would occasionally drop "666" to see me flinch. Now it has as much shock to me as someone telling me that they have the necronomicon. Since I can get like five different books claiming to be the real necronomicon on the bargain shelf at any used bookstore, it now seems really silly to me.

Also, I believe he was right about God sending the Four Horsemen.

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